Monday, September 8, 2014

Latest L. Neil Smith Report

Guest post by Baloo.

I visited Neil a couple of days ago, and I'm glad to report that he's steadily advancing. Advancing to the point that we're starting plans for a — wait for it — sequel to Roswell, Texas. You can read the original HERE.

Roswell, Texas is more than just a fun story of adventure and suspense. It's also an examination of a parallel world where Davy Crockett survived at the Alamo and went on to become President of Texas — A Texas that remained an independent republic up to at least 1964. It's also an entertaining screed about how libertarian principles would apply in the real world. In the Federated States of Texas, for example, you have to apply for a license not to carry a firearm. One more tease: The President of Texas in 1964 is Charles Lindbergh, Jr. who was kidnapped and killed in our history. Former Texas Presidents include, in no particular order, George Schuyler, Smedley Butler, Sam Clemens, Molly Brown, Judah Benjamin, Corazon Hitler (?!), Wm Graham Sumner, and, of course, Davy Crockett. And you won't believe some of the cameos.

It's also hilarious, if I say so myself. Some people have commented that it's best read with Wikipedia handy, because it has heaps of characters, some quite obscure and some quite famous, from real history who, of course, interact in new and surprising ways being, as they are, in an alternate history.

Tentatively, we intend the sequel to begin right where the original left off, at the end of, or right after the end of, the barbecue party that is the climax of the story. Many of the original characters will be there, and we'll of course cram in many more.

Feel free to use the comments section to tell us your thoughts about the original story, and what you'd like to see in the sequel.

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