Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haters Gonna Rule

Bill Clinton famously said that you can't love your country and hate your government. Like practically everything else he says, it's a flat-out lie that, due to his lawyerly training, sounds like it should be the truth.

The question is, what can you do when your government hates you?

As Vulture of Critique says in the quibcag, this is certainly the case with the English people. Their leaders have been behaving as though they hate the English people for at least a century now. They got multitudes of them killed off in two pointless World Wars that Britain could easily have stayed out of. Then, after the Second World War, they initiated a program to move hordes of Third World people into Britain, with the exact results that Enoch Powell warned them about. [link]

But it's not just our British friends. The United States has elected and reelected Obama, who clearly despises America and the American people, and who wants to "fundamentally transform" them. We cling to our "guns and religion" way too much to suit him, so he's doing all he can to swamp us with Third-World immigrants, much like his momma's baby daddy.

And this pretty much goes, more or less, for all Western governments these days, from France to Australia, from Norway to Italy. Tax your own people to death, destroy their traditional institutions, do everything to reduce their birth rate, and replace them with Third World immigrants who are immediately given massive welfare and affirmative action. If your own people object, send them overseas to fight in the Third World to ramp up the refugee market.

Vulture of Critique's whole piece is here:

Quibcag: I don't know who the girls are, but they are cute and relevant :)

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