Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hate Crime Fraud

And here we go with another one. A remarkable number of "hate crimes" turn out to be hoaxes, especially on collage campuses, where idiots have a lot of free time to think them up. There's a voluminous list of them HERE. The pattern is clear — anti-Black "hate crimes" turn out to be perpetrated by Blacks, anti-gay by gays, anti-female by feminists, etc., etc. It's a really great way to get attention and get classes canceled for awhile. Since the perps are idiots, as are all their supporters, being revealed as frauds doesn't bother them a bit. They just get to work on new and better hoaxes.

And here's the latest:

‘Hate crime’ hoax leads to campus lockdown at Virginia college

SWEET BRIAR, Va. – Barely a week into the semester at Sweet Briar College, and already a student has admitted to a “hate crime” hoax.
It turns out that the student who put “‘White Only’ and ‘Colored’ signs on doors and water fountains” is no longer enrolled in the school (surprisingly), and she will not likely face “hate crime” charges, as reported at The College Fix.
To add to the insanity, the school went on “lockdown” Wednesday after a threatening caller said:
“We want justice.”
“Who is the white girl that did this?”
“Ferguson and now this.” (referring to the racial unrest in Ferguson, MO)
“Hands up!  Don’t shoot!”
“We’re coming up there.  We want justice.”
But the student who created the signs was black herself, as revealed in an announcement by President James Jones.

Read the whole thing here:


Quibcag: Here we have Marii, of Joshiraku (じょしらく),

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