Monday, September 22, 2014

Francisco Albanese on Limbus, Our UR-Selft

Francisco Albanese is a little hard to follow, as I believe this is a translation into English. But I believe I know what he's getting at.

Limbus, our ur-self
Francisco Albanese

Pseudo-hierarchical verticality confuses the human being, which by nature is hierarchic: the tribal leadership has been replaced by merely submission to the State ruler and its intricate networks that pulverized the very human nature into nothingness, becoming a machine shaped by rules, good habits and customs and infallible patterns of domination.

Our minds are deceived by the minimum part we catch of the world of senses, and our deceived mind becomes our worst enemy: a chain reaction starts in our inner Self, telling to our bodies that they must obey or perish.

We have fear of not being polite, we live cowardly by fearing to not achieve the long-awaited welfare. Not being succesful has become our worst nightmare. Neither death, neither starvation, nor disease, nor war, but poverty and the loss of our status quo

It is not a secret that the coloured nations are now upraised against all modern western hopes, taking advantage of the pacifist breeding ground of the West, as well as the dehumanization of the same. They are actually free because they trust in their instincts and they are not afraid to unleash their instincts when extreme conditions demand extreme responses, not as we.

If our race does want to survive, our tribes must scorn all the social constructs that are just a waste of time between the cynicism and civilization gears.

The peaceful and beautiful rational world must plunge into the darkness and our hopes must be drowned in blackness. The basic and limbic rage must wake up to the night and madness.
Quibcag: The girls are from Joshiraku (じょしらく),

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