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Double Your Standards, Double Your Fun....

Remember Boko Haram?  Of course you do. The world was outraged! Michelle Obama hashtagged to "Bring back our girls!" People who probably still don't know where Nigeria is (no doubt including Michelle) were beside themselves with righteous indignation. Last I heard, Obama had sent US troops to wander around in the nearby jungle for some reason.

Now, contrast that with the Rotherham scandal, which went on for 16 years, and involved Pakistani and other Third-World immigrants in England using underage White girls (and some boys) as sex slaves. No hashtags from Michelle, no indignation to speak of. On the contrary, we were treated to assurances that the vast majority of Pakistani, or Muslim, or whatever, immigrants are super-wonderful people who must be protected from any blowback from all this. One earnest liberal on the net told me that he's had a wonderful Muslim friend for 30 years! And that White Brits abuse kids, too!  So there, bigot!

It took Steve Sailer to put these two scandals in comparison. At the Unz Review, he writes:

Back in April, the Islamic Boko Haram organization in the backwoods of Nigeria kidnapped 276 local black Christian schoolgirls and threatened to sell them as wives and/or sex slaves. This became a vast global story with the great and good all over the world weighing in to demonstrate their concern.

So far all this awareness raising hasn’t, actually, helped — some girls subsequently escaped, but 217 are still unaccounted for. But that’s not the point, the point is that Awareness Was Raised, and, more importantly, that numerous celebrities were seen engaging in Raising Awareness so that your awareness of their awareness has been raised.

In contrast, for many years in England, Pakistani pimps have been luring pubescent white Christian girls into sexual slavery; but the English Establishment — police, political, and media — responded with a long Awareness Lowering campaign. In the first decade of the 21st Century, those who protested were ignored, censored, or sent to diversity sensitivity training. The most prominent politician to take up the case a decade ago, Nick Griffin of the BNP, was put on trial twice for inciting racial hatred (but juries did not convict him).
Read his whole piece here:

And over at Counter-Currents, Andrew Hamilton writes:

The Product of a Diseased Ruling Class

Recent news reports about the ongoing, systematic physical brutalization, prostitution, rape, and sexual exploitation of at least 1,400 white, underage English girls in the city of Rotherham in northern England over many years by South Asian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, has prompted the “explanation” that police, politicians, social service workers, and other state employees let it happen because they were “afraid” of being called racists if they tried to stop it. It is true that everyone in totalitarian states knows the Party Line and adheres to it. But that does not mean that they are secret dissenters from it.
In Rotherham the System performed according to specification, consistent with the beliefs and values of both rulers and functionaries. They are de facto revolutionaries whose job is to transform society and commit genocide. They are not “afraid.” They are not moral, good, or trying to do what is right. Their mission is to transform society and exterminate “racism.”
Read his whole essay here:
And at Occidental Observer, Kevin MacDonald puts it this way:

The Moral Dimension of Rotherham: “We can’t carry on like this. We just can’t.”

Kevin MacDonald

Margaret Wente, “The Unspeakable Truth about Rotherham” (The Globe and Mail, Sept.4, 2014):

Andrew Norfolk, the Times journalist whose investigative reports prompted this inquiry and others now under way, has explained why this travesty is so toxic to Britain’s liberal elites. “The suggestion that men from a minority ethnic background were committing sex crimes against white children was always going to be the far right’s fantasy come true,” he wrote. “Innocent white victims, evil dark-skinned abusers. Liberal angst kicked instinctively into top gear.”
But of course, the anxieties of the right were never fantasies. The fantasy was the left’s ideology that there are no important differences between people, that race doesn’t exist, and that the bloody history of ethnic conflict would magically disappear when millions of Muslims immigrated to the UK.
His whole piece is here:

And at The Right Stuff, Michael Enoch writes:

Rotherham and the Progressive Narrative

The recent child sex scandal in Rotherham, UK has dealt a serious blow to the progressive, multicultural narrative. Oh, so you mean that importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Pakistan, the child rape capital of the world, resulted in child rape and kidnapping in your own country? Gee, who would have ever predicted that? Opening your borders to people from a country where roughly one third of men say that not only have they raped a child, but that they see nothing wrong with having done so, wasn’t a good idea after all it appears. Yeah, oops.

Of course the real scandal is not that a group of backward, third world mud people behaved as such, but that the liberal bureaucrats whose job it was to oversee public safety allowed it to happen for fear that public knowledge of it would undermine their larger agenda. This is disgusting and reprehensible, but not surprising. The left wing civil service in Britain, and increasingly in other countries, no longer sees its job as carrying out mundane public administration, but as overseeing a project of multicultural social engineering. The biggest threat to that is of course the nascent nationalistic (or even *gasp* racist) sentiments of the native white population. Feeding that sentiment must be avoided at all cost, even if the protection of children has to be compromised.
His whole piece is here:

Oh, and Rotherham isn't over, either: The Irish Savant reports:

Monkeys guarding the bananas

The Rotherham sex scandal continues to surprise.  You think the awful facts can't get any worse but they just keep coming.

And so they do. Read his whole post here:
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