Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Time to do some corrections, sort of. In my last post, about the teacher, Patrick Wayne McLaw, a commenter informed me that all this took place in Maryland, not Massachusetts. So I Googled McLaw, and found this on Wikipedia:

In 2013, while at Salisbury University, he helped a student from Stephen Decatur Middle School publish an eBook on Amazon.[2]

Later in 2013, he was hired as a eighth-grade Language Arts teacher at Mace's Lane Middle School, Dorchester County Public Schools, Maryland.[1] Dorchester County, Maryland is the birthplace of the World-Famous Harriet Tubman across the Choptank River is also the birthplace of the World-Famous Frederick Douglass in Talbot County.

In April 2014, McLaw was nominated for Dorchester County's "Teacher of the Year" award but lost.[3]

In addition, McLaw worked for the Delmar School District near eight (8) years in different postions such as: Project Manager and Administrative Assistant. [4]

In August 2014, he was suspended from his position after school officials learned he had written science fiction under a pen name about a school shooting. Cambridge Police Department searched his home for weapons, as well as the school building, but found nothing.[5][6]

So, it seems that his job was in Maryland, but since the Cambridge Police Department searched his home, he seems to live in Massachusetts, unless there's also a Cambridge Police Department in Maryland. I'll let you all decide just what really happened.

Ah, I just came across this, which clarifies matters:

Now, in the same post, I used this quibcag, and expressed my ignorance as to the identity of the girl. Well, here:
Vulture of Critique sets me straight, and tells me the girl is Lucky Star (らき☆すた Raki☆Suta), and he's quite right, I should have recognized her. However, I have to correct him, sort of. I've evidently given him the impression that I was in Nam. I was not. Both I, and my co-blogger, Baloo, are Vietnam era vets, but neither one of us left the States. We spent our tours in North Carolina, where, as a matter of fact, we first met.
Moving right along, a commenter took THIS POST to mean that I think Donald Rumsfeld would have been a good President. I do not. The post is speculation about what would have ensued if he'd been President instead of Bush the First. I think he would have been at least as bad a President as Bush the First was. When I'm done here, I'm going back to make that clear at the beginning of the post.
Finally, in the post
The Obvious Solution to ISIS, another commenter took it as serious, instead of ironic. It's very hard to be ironic on the net without somebody misunderstanding. For the record, I do not think that diversity is strength, and the post was meant to show that it is not.


  1. Here is an article you may find of interest:


  2. Cambridge, MD is the county seat of Dorchester County, MD. They do have a police department. The city is only about 50 years younger than the one in Massachusetts.