Friday, September 19, 2014

An Anti-Loonie Quibcag

My Crusade Against Looniness continues. The quibcag is a comment on my last post HERE, and is another example of the bleedin' obvious.

When Mexico invited Americans to move into Texas a couple of centuries ago, give or take, the Americans pledged to become Catholics. A few did, most did not. They pledged to become patriotic Mexicans. Some did, most did not. They promised to give up slavery. A few did, most did not. You get the idea. And the Mexican government at the time at least tried to get them to assimilate. Our government doesn't give a good god damn, and mostly supports multiculturalism, not assimilation.

If immigrants really did assimilate as readily as our more starry-eyed libertarians think, I'd be typing this in Arapaho right now, Netanyahu would be speaking Arabic and worshipping Allah, and Scotland wouldn't have had anything to vote about yesterday.

No, people don't assimilate very readily at all, because they mostly don't want to. A very few people move into France because they want to become French (not at all the same thing as being a citizen of France), but the vast majority don't want to do anything of the kind. They want to keep right on being Africans or whatever they were to begin with, and just live in France and take advantage of all the freebies. This applies to almost all immigrant to anywhere from anywhere. That's the way people are.

Countries who accept immigrants who aren't both willing and able to assimilate are just agreeing to a slow-motion invasion.
Quibcag. This is Lum, one of the few alien immigrants who really tries to fit in, though you can't really say that she's assimilated, and she certainly hasn't cut ties with her original cultural mindset. She's from Urusei Yatsura (うる星やつら).

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  1. "Countries who accept immigrants who aren't both willing and able to assimilate are just agreeing to a slow-motion invasion".

    An unassailable truth which should be tattoed on the foreheads of politicians in the west. Here in the UK a socialist MP admitted recently that while in office they encouraged unchecked immigration from all corners of the planet in order to "rub the noses of the right in it". Why that man is still walking about unaided is beyond me ...