Monday, September 29, 2014

A Countenance Quibcag

Countenance is right over there on my blogroll, so I can check it out every day, and you should do likewise. Anyhow, he certainly provided the quote for a nice quibcag here. Now, I've long been pointing out one small aspect of this phenomenon: All liberals are White liberals. That is, liberalism is all about self-destruction, self-degradation, apology to minorities, sucking up to minorities, and that whole lifestyle choice. Obviously, non-White liberals don't do any of that, they do the opposite, and push for the interests of their own ethnic group. And any 'principles' that might come up are solely for the purpose of inducing guilt into White liberals. Indeed, many such are too damn dumb to have principles even if they wanted to. Our problem over on the White side of things is that we're often too damn dumb to have anything except principles, certainly not any sense of self-preservation.

Well, here's Countenance's post in full from

We’re Closer Than We Think

Instapundit linked to this Hot Air piece, the kind which I know most of you have read hundreds of times before.
I left this comment at Instapundit, which I am pleased to see has three likes so far:
Here’s something that bothers me here.
If you read these comments here on this Instapundit thread, and the comments over at the Hot Air article, not only do most people leaving comments get it, the comments read like the high quality comments that would have been written if this story was an American Renaissance thread.
What frustrates me, though, is that in spite of that, most people here and at Hot Air are still spinning their wheels in the muck and mud of the laughable joke that is the useless incompetent “right” in this country and the Stupid Party that “represents” it.
Yes, we’re mad at the black undertow and obvious plain as the nose on your face media double standards. So what do most of us do? YAY RED TEAM on election day. And what does that get us? Rand Paul, who, in case you haven’t notice, is getting worse and worse with his black pandering by the month.
Plain words, the Republican Party by and large isn’t going to do anything about these kinds of problems.
But there’s another more fundamental reason why we’re stuck in the mud. As long as the official right is neoconservative slash lamestream conservative slash right-libertarian slash classical liberal slash Lincolnian-egaliatarian, the official right will be mostly useless in trying to combat the black undertow and media double standards. That’s because we’re responding to tribal problems by leaning on ideology instead of being tribal ourselves. We delude ourselves into thinking that our enemies are ideologically inclined instead of what they really are, tribally inclined. Therefore, we’re stuck with ideological responses when we should be engaging in tribal responses.
That means, among other things, the official right should be far less ideological and far more ethnonationalist.
BTW, what good will the Republican Party do us when it comes to these problems when their official summer get-togethers are called LINCOLN Days?
I think the reason that so many people getting it has not yet resulted in quality change in public policy is that most of us are still living under the delusion that we can vote our way out of our racial problems.  Aside from what I wrote in the comment.
Quibcag: Shampoo of  Ranma ½ (らんま½) prepares a tribal response, not an ideological one.


  1. From the same blog:

    "Not so long ago, I would have been really steamed at stories like these. Now I realize that voter fraud is just an inevitable consequence of duhmocrazy and especially the worship thereof. I used to think that we needed really complicated and convoluted and really heavy handed ways to solve voter fraud. Now I think it’s simple: There can’t be any voter fraud if there isn’t any voting. That would also take care of the problem of too much money in elections. Can’t have too much money ruining elections if there are no elections."

    All hail the return of Monarchy.

    1. Not necessarily a hereditary monarchy. But this...isn't working.

    2. Anything other than hereditary is fake. Undermines the whole concept.

      Love your blog, btw. Hadn't seen it before.

    3. I'm thinking more along the lines of self-perpetuating positive aristocracy.

  2. This has been so typical me going back to middle school, and being unabated through high school, college, my blogging life and my day jobs.

    If I write something and spend a lot of time on it and proofread it multiple times, nobody else is that impressed.

    But the stuff I just let roll off my fingers with abandon and with little if any proofreading, such as this comment I wrote at Instapundit, people love an eat up, and turn into quibcags. Really, by my standards, I think that what I wrote was half assed and not quite up to snuff by my standards. But I'm starting to think that my standards come from bizarro world.

    This is why when I have to do writing for my current day job, most of the time it's collaborative reports with several other people, I just sit in front of the keyboard, call up the word processor and let it rip. That's the stuff I know the bosses will gush over.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

    1. Oh, you bet! As a writer, especially a gagwriter, for the last 40 years, it's happened to me hundreds of times. The stuff I think is my best NEVER sells, and stuff I just toss off gets bought and rebought and reprinted all over the place. One really can't judge one's own work. You wrote something that was insightful and pithy, probably obvious to you, but you wrote it in such as way as to act as a lightning bolt to those of us who have ALMOST expressed the same thing, but not nearly as clearly or as well.