Thursday, August 14, 2014

You, Too, Can Be a Protected Minority!

Guest post by Baloo.

When I was growing up in Indiana, ethnicity was pretty simple. There were Blacks in my town, and they lived in the Black district of town. They were relatively invisible, but they were definitely regarded as non-White.

Other than that, other varieties of people were all White, though they were sometimes being thought of as German or Irish or Italian, that was just a personal characteristic that certainly had no racial bearing. The only Eastasians aka Asians aka Orientals aka Mongoloids around were thought of as not exactly White, but close enough. Jews were considered a little non-standard, but definitely White.

And then there were the "Syrians," who were locally famous mostly for owning grocery stores. They were actually Lebanese, I think, but came from an area that was part of Syria when their ancestors immigrated, hence the name. They were all Christians, and many belonged to the local Syrian Orthodox Church, though several had become one kind or another of Protestant over the years. Most of them were Republicans. And, oh yeah, they were and are White. I'm related to some of them by marriage. They were identifiable only by their last names, including, Azar, Shahadey, and Nasser.

But now they have a swell new opportunity in spite of themselves. Recent immigrants from the Middle East, or some of them, at least, have bought into the White liberal notion that it's a shameful thing to be White. Or maybe they just want freebies. If you're classified as nonWhite, you see, you immediately become eligible for all kinds of goodies, from affirmative action to minority set-asides, to the coveted status as a victim. And who could pass that up? Steve Sailer sez:

The Flight from White, Cont.

As all the talk in the media about the benefits of White Privilege reaches a crescendo, various groups of white people are acting as if they don’t actually believe it. Instead, they are looking for ways to stop being white in the eyes of the government.
(Read his whole post HERE.)
Quibcag: I believe the rabble rouser is one of the girls from K-On! (けいおん! Keion!)


  1. I am curious about the term "quibcag". Could you explain the development of the word and it's proper usage?

    I assume it's a neologism of some sort since I seem to be unable to find it during a search. I am not making light of the term, I'm merely trying to get a sufficient understanding of the concept.


    1. Sure. It originated on this blog. It's an acronym for QUote Illustrated By Cute Anime Girl. Meant to be eye-catching.

  2. In Canada we spent hours and hours in school learning about Nazi atrocities to get the whole thing rolling. If your Greek or anything darker the Nazis killed you in your past life. White people are a bunch of Nazis.

  3. As a fellow Hoosier I too remember the good old days (they were still good in the 1980's) that sadly are no more. The old neighborhood in Eville is overrun with feral blacks and browns (just like what happened to my parents neighborhood as they grew up, you think people would learn) and the days of home by dinnertime and never locking you front door are long gone. All my family still there has moved to the country and is fighting the threat of annexation needed to pay for black crime. Lewis33

  4. Actually, the Muslims (at least) have always looked down on white people, still do. It really pissed them off when the British Empire took over much of the middle east.