Monday, August 4, 2014

World War One — Ready for a Reenactment?

Here we go again. As Pat Buchanan has been making clear for quite some time now, our elite — neoconservatives and liberals — have been beating the drum to try to get us all eager for a war with Russia. Formerly, our leaders were pretty soft on Russia, when it was a communist state, because, frankly, our leaders were sort of pro-communist. And of course they still are. But now, Russia is anti-communist, and our elite just can't stand it. That explains why, when we went through 70 years of making excuses for communist domination of Eastern Europe, we are horrified that Russia would dare to assert itself against hostile anti-Russian regimes in Ukraine, the Baltics, and the Caucasus.

I'm no historian, just a poor shlubb who got himself drafted decades ago to help with the Cold War. I don't want any more Cold Wars, or Hot Wars either. I certainly don't want a reprise of World War I. But Eric Margolis is a historian, and here he warns us of the path we're on. I endorse what he says below, with the exception that I think he's too hard on the current Serbs. I was very sympathetic to their opposition to the establishment of a new Islamic state in Kosovo. With that caveat, please read this reprint from the excellent site,

World War One: Tragedy of Tragedies


  1. Wow, it seems it is those evil neo cons that need to be purged. Let's just sit and watch the genocide from afar, it is so much more civilized.

  2. Neocons have no objection at all to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Don't you read the news?