Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Obvious Solution to ISIS

Obama, as we all know by now, has no strategy to deal with ISIS or anything else, really. But the strategy is actually quite obvious. It eluded us all, however, until John Craig over at Just Not Said pointed it out:

Spreading the good word

Last night I asked a friend who is a Middle East expert what he thought we should do about ISIS, what with their convert-or-die ultimatums, their killing of journalists, their intent to commit genocide against the Yazidis, and their desecration of sacred Muslim relics.

He shrugged helplessly and said the situation over there is as bad as he's ever seen it. He said they would have to be stopped eventually, and that Iraq would probably have to be carved up into three parts. The Kurds, in the north, will have oil. And the Shiites, in the south, will also have oil. But the Sunnis, in the West, will be left without oil. These ancient blood rivalries and the unequal distribution of wealth are why ISIS, essentially a Sunni movement, plans to capture the oil fields in the Kurdish north.

It was when I was driving home after dinner that it hit me: the only reason there is so much strife in Iraq is, they don't yet appreciate that their diversity is their strength!

All we need to do is go over and teach them this philosophy, which has worked so well here in the U.S. In fact, that's all we need to do all over the globe.

The Israelis and Palestinians will learn to coexist in peace, as soon as they realize that their diversity is their strength.

Ditto for the Ukrainians and ethnic Russians in the Ukraine. All their problems will be over, as soon as they get the good word.

The Chechnyans and Russians? Same simple solution.

All we Americans need to do is export our superior wisdom.


  1. Damn George Bush and the neocons.

  2. Uh yeah...export our Superior Wisdom. Uh, huh...

  3. Send 30,000 troops. Ticket back to world is five scalps of members of ISIS. Keep rotating new guys in until there is no more ISIS. Hey, sometimes being civilized doesn't work and you apply war to the death rules. (oh yeah, no ooze or ass until you're "back in the World.")

    1. Excellent idea. Why not make it a citizenship requirement for military age men?