Sunday, August 17, 2014

Race Realism, Liberal and Otherwise

The Myth of the Twenty-First Century (apologies to Alfred Rosenberg) is human equality. I'm not talking about political equality or spiritual equality, for which cogent arguments can and have been made. I'm talking about biological genetic equality, for which there is zero evidence and against which there are oceans of evidence. Somehow the political/spiritual equality got twisted into biological equality, and has become the bedrock of almost all current ideology. It's easy to demonstrate that the human races differ profoundly in intellect and temperament, and impossible to refute. Indeed, many have given up on trying to prove such equality, and instead muddy the waters by declaring that races don't even exist. Well, they do. Steve Sailer points out the illogic of their arguments here: Species Do Not Exist

Indeed, the myth of human biological equality is fundamental to all the current ideologies that you hear about, including liberalism, progressivism, neoconservatism, communism, and, alas, all too many libertarians. Have I left anybody out?

People who avoid this equality duckspeak these days often refer to themselves a "race realists," in order to avoid the baggage of earlier terms, and it simply indicates that they recognize that human races do differ in intellect and temperament. The term doesn't imply anything further than that, and race realists have different ideas about how these differences should affect public and personal policy.

Now, the race realists I know of, ideology-wise, range from libertarian nationalists, like myself, to the far right (not neocons, who are not far right, not even mildly right), with a whole spectrum in between. But there's one exception to that. A liberal race realist, of all things. This is not actually an oxymoron. Nothing about liberalism in theory precludes race realism — it's just that virtually all liberals in our time, for a number of reasons, reject race realism categorically. Except for one, the outlier of outliers, Robert Lindsay. This is from his blog, Beyond Highbrow:

In Defense of Liberal Race Realism

Nominay writes:

“Liberal race realism” is repugnant. Some of it’s true, some of it’s bullshit, but clearly the bullshit comes out on top. And I’ve never once seen described or provided from a LRR point of view what the solution for Black inferiority is. There may be some points made by Robert and co. about Blacks that are (unfortunately) accurate, but Liberal Race Realism is endlessly negative.

It just reads like a parade of White virtue while stomping on Blacks. The only difference between racists and Liberal Race Realists are that Liberal Race Realists care about Blacks (I guess). But even then, nothing positive is expressed from that. It’s easy to beat up on Blacks and showcase them as an easy target, but it takes something more admirable than that to gain insight into what can be done about the challenges Blacks face. I don’t exactly see White, Black activism today the way I did when Robert Kennedy was their advocate.

LRR doesn’t engage in bullshit. We demand fact-based analyses and hopefully fact based theory supported by some sort of fact based solutions that are at least experimentally valid while still open to challenge and in need of replication.

Also we don’t engage in racism. LRR is officially nonracist as a general rule, and some of us are antiracists. We do argue that one ought to be able to avoid and have a negative opinion about some ethnic or religious group that has harmed you or your people one too many times. LRR doesn’t know if that’s racism or not, but even if it is, then LRR would be for that “racism.”

LRR doesn’t believe in any particular causes of the behavior of various groups.

For instance, Black IQ scores are lower. But LRR takes no position on why that is. Some of us think it’s genes, some think it’s environment, some think it’s the flying purple people eaters. We urge LRR supporters to draw their conclusions about the causes of ethnic behavioral rates and metrices.

But LRR’s would say that a high IQ state should not be importing a lot of low IQ people. It makes no sense societally or genetically.

As far as crime goes, LRR simply points out with alarm that certain ethnies and even religions in certain places have elevated crime rates. We list the different rates for the different groups, and then we discuss why this might be happening. The main thing LRR does is get the truth out there about the differing rates, as it is a pubic safety matter, and PC society buries this stuff.

Now as far as what causes some groups to commit more crime than others, LRR takes no position. Personally, I think Blacks have an inborn elevated risk of criminal behavior. I am not sure how that works, but I figure it might be genetic. Now other LRR’s are free to disagree. There are LRR’s who say that the causes of high Black crime are strictly environmental. They are free to feel that way as LRR generally take no stand on causation of racial variables.

LRR would say though that it makes little sense for a nation to mass import groups that have a higher crime rate than the natives of the land. If the majority native group has 1X crime rate, why mass import a group that commits crimes at 7X the native rate? It’s irrational. Also there may be groups that have .25 the crime rate of the natives. LRR’s might say that you should import these immigrants so as to lower the nation’s crime rate and maybe even improve the genetic stock.

LRR generally doesn’t advocate solutions to race-based problems because we doubt if there are any.

Inferiority? LRR doesn’t believe in inferiority. Sure, Black crime rates are higher, and IQ scores are lower, but I don’t see how that makes them inferior people and us superior people. Why do you think a lower IQ score and a higher crime rate makes them inferior people and us superior people? Those are just matrices. Nobody’s really better than anybody else at the end of the day.

LRR is just stating observational facts. Yep, Black crime rates are higher. All over the damn world in fact. What’s causing it? That’s not really important. What might be important would be to quit importing them.

Yes, Black IQ scores are lower. LRR is just pointing that out. All we want to do is point that out. Yep. At the moment, on average Blacks are less intelligent than Whites. Fact.

Now what do you want to do with that fact? I do not know, but at least people should know it is true.

LRR has no idea how to raise Black IQ scores or lower their crime rates. That’s for educators, criminologists and police chiefs to deal with.

I would like to point out that the crazy antis and the PC nuts don’t have any solutions to these problems either.

The IQ issue they say is not even true, so they scream and yell about an achievement gap which of course is to be expected if there are intelligence differentials. Mostly these folks just fall back on insisting that poor Black school performance is all the fault of White people!

On the crime issue, first of all, they generally just deny it and refuse to talk about it. Or they make bizarre statements saying that White collar crime done by Whites is just as bad or even way worse than Black street crime.

Then they spread malicious libelous claims about Whites saying that we are evil criminals too. For instance, they lie and say Whites have a far higher rate than Blacks of being serial killers and pedophiles. Now I would be perfectly happy to claim a couple of notorious crime categories for my people, but that statement isn’t even true. Blacks are more likely to be both serial killers and pedophiles than Whites are.

So you talk about the very serious problem of Black crime, and PC types first of all say it’s not a problem because Wall Street. Then they level vicious hate attacks on my great people calling us serial killers and child molesters.

If you really press these people, they will admit that Blacks cause an incredible amount of crime, but it’s all White people’s fault that they do this. So they turn Black bad behavior into an excuse to use hate speech against my people.
Quibcag: The girl is Mai Minikami, a sharp cookie, from Nichijou (日常)


  1. A. Technically I'm a genius. It's a that and $1.50 will buy you a cup of coffee thing. However, I should point out that the percent of every identifiable racial group with a measurable IQ of 140 or over (OK I'm on the bottom end of genius. People with decent work ethics can outcompete me any day of the week.) is about the same.
    B. Currently we live in a culture based on Christian value rooted, Rationalist, Humanist, egalitarian set of values formalized by a bunch of "dead white guys," name of Newton, Bacon, Rousseau, Locke, Henry, Franklin, and Jefferson, to name a few.I will concede that if there is a genetic basis to adapting into a culture Northern Europeans have an edge here. As a person of mostly Mediterranean decent with a small but measurable amount of Native American ancestry one of my pet peeves is the rush to destroy Rational Humanist culture by a bunch of liberal elitists who communicate an attitude that what their ancestors created is too good for the likes of me.
    C. Believe it or not, certain liberals are expressing concern over the question in the quibcage, especially those who have jobs or were looking forward to jobs enforcing affirmative action.

    1. What you're saying is that if, say, 6% of Caucasians have an IQ over 140, 6% of Congoids and Mongoloids, etc. also do? That doesn't make statistical sense, what with average IQ and the bell curve. Do you have a citation for that?

  2. "Sure, Black crime rates are higher, and IQ scores are lower, but I don’t see how that makes them inferior people and us superior people. Why do you think a lower IQ score and a higher crime rate makes them inferior people and us superior people? "

    That rather beautifully sums up the madness of liberals.

  3. By coincidence, I stumbled upon his website recently when I was searching for detailed geographic data on where the low-german/saxon languages were spoken (as part of family history/heritage research).
    It was categorized as “violence/hate” here at work so I had to access it at home.

  4. I think the HDB blogger “Jayman” is a liberal race realist too.

  5. Assumptions:

    Mean Black IQ 85 with 15 point SD
    Mean White IQ 100 with 15 point SD
    Mean NE Asian IQ 105 with 15 point SD

    Percent with IQ of at least 140:

    NE Asian 1.0%
    White 0.37%
    Black 0.013%

    The percentage of Northeast Asians with an IQ of at least 140 is about 77 times greater than the percentage of Blacks with the same IQ. If one assumes a smaller SD for Blacks, the disparity grows even larger.