Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Police Militarization: Why and Wherefore?

There are a couple of things bothering me about this Ferguson business. The complaints have been coming from the left that the police have been "militarized." Now, the left never gave a damn about that before, and seem to cheer it on for the most part, hoping that Obama and his minions will use police tanks to kill Whitey. As Vox Day points out HERE, it's the libertarians who've been criticizing police militarization for years. The problem, as the left sees it, is that militarized police might somehow interfere with Black hooliganism in Ferguson, so it must be stopped!

Now, I'm a libertarian, but I'm not one of the unicorns-and-rainbows libertarians who automatically oppose any and all government authority. I'm always inclined to give the cop on the beat the benefit of the doubt. And, I wonder, why do cops want to be militarized? Could it be that they feel seriously undergunned against the rising tide of Black dysfunction? Is it a Barney Fyfe situation or a Judge Dredd situation? Clearly, you find both here and there. In Ferguson, it looks to me like Judge Dredd is called for, what with everybody from Eric Holder to Al Sharpton to that idiot horse's ass Jack Dorsey trying to incite mass rioting.

Besides, as the quibcag states, any "militarization" of the police in Ferguson is completely irrelevant to the case of Michael Brown. The cop didn't shoot him with a bazooka from a tank. Hell, if the cop had been in a tank, he wouldn't have had to shoot. No, what the left wants is for the cops in Ferguson to be completely weakened and demoralized, so the hooligans can run free there. That's why the complaining about police militarization.

At Beliefnet, Jack Kerwick writes:

Ferguson and Racial Irrationality on the Right

posted by Jack Kerwick
Thomas Sowell once noted that few topics so tap the irrational excesses of a person’s intellect as that of race.  At the very least, contemporary race-related discussions are almost invariably ridden with irrationality.
The issue of Ferguson, Missouri is but the latest exhibition of this all too pervasive phenomenon.
Yet, to be sure, it isn’t just the usual suspects on the recognizable left—the obvious racialist and socialist ideologues—that have revealed just how dangerously shallow, both intellectually and morally, they can be on this racially-charged front.  Some neoconservative and libertarian commentators are also guilty on this score.
First, in order to sound “objective”—and, truth be told, not all that politically incorrect—neoconservative commentators continually caution against judging hastily: Since we weren’t there, they say, we should remain agnostic on the question regarding the guilt or innocence of Officer Darren Wilson (the officer who the black rioters in Ferguson and their apologists in the media say murdered Michael Brown).
In taking this line, however, these same commentators actually legitimize the notion that, in 2014, there are white police officers who routinely patrol the streets in search of young black teenagers to gun down in cold blood.
Give me a break.
We know enough now—if we didn’t know enough when word of this story first broke—that, at a minimum, there was no murder that took place here.
Second, we’re hearing quite a bit about “the militarization” of the police in Ferguson, and how it is this, and not the riotous conduct of the black citizens of that city and the incendiary rhetoric of their self-avowed “leaders, that is responsible, or largely responsible, for the undermining of civilization that is transpiring there.
National Review writer Kevin Williamson is one person busily advancing this line.  Some libertarian writers at Lewrockwell.com are (predictably) doing so as well.
It’s rubbish, but another transparent, and transparently pathetic, attempt to excavate some “root cause” to account for black dysfunction. The idea that the presence of “militarized” police is somehow responsible for the exhibitions of barbarism that have unfolded in Ferguson is of a logical piece with the old, tired mantra that poverty causes crime.  But as Walter E. Williams once remarked, while there certainly is a causal relation between poverty and crime, it runs in exactly the opposite direction of that imagined by the conventional wisdom: crime causes poverty.
Similarly, the police in Ferguson are “militarized” precisely because of the legions of merciless black rioters with whom they have to contend.
Yet there’s another consideration that gives up the lie that the police in Ferguson have provoked the black violence there: Sixty-seven percent black Ferguson, like heavily populated black areas throughout the country, was ridden with crime and violence long before anyone ever heard of Michael Brown.  Most of this criminality, though, consists of black-on-black attacks.
(Read the rest HERE.)
Quibcag: The police girls are from You're Under Arrest (逮捕しちゃうぞ Taiho Shichauzo).

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