Friday, August 29, 2014

Paul Gottfried on the Degeneracy of Conservatism and World War I

Time was when conservatives were actually conservative. They had a sense of history and the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude. But that's old hat now. Conservatives are, at their best, liberals who are slightly more prudent than other liberals. And I do mean slightly. Because of that, I never call them conservatives. The last really conservative Presidential candidate was Goldwater, and the only prominent conservative today is Pat Buchanan. So these contemporary, self-styled "conservatives" are better called "neoconservatives," and I don't really like that word, because they're not conservatives in any sense at all. Calling them "neoconservatives" is like calling Scientologists "neocatholics." As for World War I, I've always believed that the whole thing was a damn mess caused by the major powers not having sense enough to avoid a general war, with the Brits being way too aggressive. But I'm no historian, and Paul Gottfried is. Here's what he says over at the Unz Review:

Ignorant Conservatives and August 1914
Those Intellectuals Who Know Nothing of the Past May Help to Repeat It

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  1. "..which the majority of the colonists believed they were defending customary and traditional British constitutional institutions and historical political rights against misguided ministerial and parliamentary innovations.” I've been saying that for years, in middle and high school class rooms.