Friday, August 8, 2014

Obama Makes Nixon Seem Like a Saintly Greek Philosopher

When I grow up, I want to be a right-wing Ted Rall. You see, I disagree with Ted a lot, because he's a leftist. But he's an outlier among leftists, because he doesn't worship or even trust politicians. It seems like no matter how horribly Obama behaves, the liberals love him. But not Ted. He holds everybody to the same standards.

And Ted remembers Nixon, just like I do. This is from Ted's site HERE.

Barack Obama Isn’t Half the Man of Richard Nixon

Forty years ago, President Richard M. Nixon announced that he would resign effective the next day.

At the time, aside from a tiny minority of dead-enders and a few desultory Congressional Republicans, an exhausted nation had arrived at a consensus that Nixon had to go. Politics had become too toxic, distrust of government too profound, and – most of all – the seriousness of the president's crimes couldn't be ignored. Judicial sanction wasn't in Nixon's future — Jerry Ford's controversial pardon ensured that — but the ultimate political punishment, impeachment, seemed like the absolute minimum sanction in order to send the message that no man, no matter how powerful, was above the law. Nixon's resignation, Ford assured Americans and the media agreed, proved that the system works.

Looking back now at what felt like a national cataclysm, however, we probably ought to dig up Tricky Dicky's bones and beg him to accept our big fat apology.

Students of the Watergate scandal that led to that surreal day in August 1974 — the third day, expunged from history for fear of a repeat performance, when great crowds surrounded the White House, demanding that Nixon depart— will recall that it wasn't the botched 1972 break-in at Democratic national headquarters that did Nixon in, but the cover-up.

By today's standards, however, Nixon's efforts to protect his henchmen, including his screwing around with the FBI investigation that led to an article of impeachment for obstruction of justice, look positively penny-ante, more worthy of a traffic ticket than a high crime or misdemeanor. Obstruction of justice, scandalous and impeachable just 40 years ago, has become routine.

Case study: Obama's cover-up of torture.

Much bigger crime.

Much longer cover-up.

Much less of a problem.

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  1. impeached for political dirty tricks.

    might as well just close down the entire government.

  2. Ted would shit in his pants if he knew what the US did to Germans after the war.

    The American experiment was a mistake from the beginning.