Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nicholas Stix Asks Some Questions

Yes, some damn good questions:

  • What injuries did Mike Brown inflict on Officer Wilson?
  • Why did Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, not apologize to the South Asian convenience store manager whom her son had robbed, assaulted and battered, or to the white policeman, whom her son had attacked and had probably sought to murder?
  • Why would a mother who was supposedly racked with grief immediately run out and engage the nation’s most racist, unethical lawyer, Benjamin Crump, whose specialty is race hoaxes and shaking down white taxpayers?
  • Does Lesley McSpadden intend to share any of her misbegotten windfall with the store owners whose lives her son and his supporters have destroyed?
  • What sort of people respond to their friend robbing a store by looting and burning down a store—and then, a few days later, realizing that they’d hit the wrong store, looting and burning down a second store?
  • What kind of people burn down their own town?
  • Why are “respectable” blacks supporting the rioters and looters?
  • Why do the “eyewitness” stories contradict each other so, and why are they so lacking in credibility?
  • “Why didn’t they shoot those looters?”—in the words of a black Ferguson resident. (In fact, police-inflicted injuries seem vanishingly rare).
  • Why are President Obama and the highest lawman in the land, Attorney General Eric Holder, conspiring to obstruct justice, and violate the civil rights of white Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson?
  • Read his whole post HERE at VDare or at his own website HERE.

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      You might find this of interest:

    2. The "robbery" may not have been a robbery.