Monday, August 11, 2014

LIbertarianism in one (short) lesson

Most of us libertarians tend to get bogged down in a lot of intricate theory. What do you expect from a bunch of geeky White guys? And there's a place for intricate theory. I'm rather fond of it myself. The trouble with it is that it's very easy to fall into the Marxist trap of thinking of people as economic units and forgetting all that we've learned about actual human nature since Sumer. We also forget that theories are always approximations, an attempt to reduce reality to a set of rules. That's how we get to the silliness of libertarians taking up the banners for left-wing enthusiasms like homosexual marriage, open borders, legalizing all drugs, etc. There are perfectly logical arguments for all these issues, of course, and the results of their implementation are ignored in favor of strict philosophical rigor. We can picture libertarian theorists standing in the smoking ruins of civilization proclaiming, "Okay, we're doomed, but at least we were philosophically consistent!"

Bob Wallace steps right over these traps and cuts the Gordian knot with his sword of realism. I'll have a small afterword. This is from his amazing site,

If I Could "Design" Society

It would be minimal government that protects life, liberty and property. Everything else would be free market. 98% of the federal government would vaporize.

Women would not be allowed to vote, and the only men who could vote are the ones who had jobs and owned property.

There would be no Federal Reserve Bank, which is a legal counterfeiter.

If there were public schools they would be run by the local school board - but in any case school would not start for kids until they were seven.

Men would be hired over women.

90% of the police would be fired and many of the rest could walk neighborhood patrols.
Democracy would be illegal and this country would be a republic again.

99% of illegal aliens would be expelled.

I would get rid of the office of President.

Boys would have to undergo six-week-long initiation rites to remove them from the Mother and introduce them to Men.

Well, that only took ten minutes and I fixed 99% of society.
Just a couple of comments from me, line by line:

Minimal government, damn straight. All libertarians should agree with this, except for the hardshell anarchists.

Women not voting. You bet. Just look at the statistics about how they vote.

Any libertarian who approves of the Federal Reserve Bank... Well, what can I say?

Bingo on the schools. I, personally, think kids should learn to read long before they're seven. All of mine did. At home. We taught them. Any literate adult can teach kids to read. Sheesh.

Men hired over women. Of course. If you doubt that, go to and read all of Bob's stuff. You should anyway.

Ditto on cops. I'm all for cops, but it's getting ridiculous, isn't it? Any libertarian, and any conservative, knows very well about democracy versus republicanism.

Illegal aliens expelled? Sure. If you doubt that, read all of this blog.

On eliminating the office of the President, I'd like for Bob to elaborate. It certainly should be weakened and put back at the pre-Civil War level.

On the boy thing, Bob is totally correct. We live in a society dominated by women and feminized men. That has to stop before anything else can be accomplished.

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Quibcag: The illustration is from HERE, and I'm not sure who she is.


  1. If we have to take an exam to drive, why not have an exam to determine whether or not if they're qualified to vote.

  2. Sorry but a "government that protects life, liberty and property" is a contradiction in terms.

  3. Never heard of John Locke and his belief in natural rights? It's what the Constitution was based on. If you do know these simple things....

  4. Interesting piece. That has absolutely, positively, nothing whatsoever to do with libertarianism.

  5. Republican government is how we ended up with this mess, in case you forgot. It is the most inherently corrupt system there can be.