Saturday, August 16, 2014

L. Neil Smith Report II

Guest post by Baloo:

I went to visit Neil today, but don't have much to report. He's trying to get as much sleep as possible, which is good policy when you're recovering, so we just had a short chat. We're of an age, so we talked a lot about the reading we did as kids, and we have a remarkable number of things in common that way, particularly science-fiction novels that were obscure For example, have
you ever read Edison's Conquest of Mars? Neil and I did, when we were kids.

From Airstrip One, Sean Gabb writes:

L. Neil Smith, one of the libertarian movement's most prominent writers and activists, suffered a stroke on the 28th June this year. He remains in hospital, but  I hope that he will make a good recovery and be able to go home to his loved ones.

Neil has been one of the most significant libertarians of the past forty years. Of course, we need our economists and philosophers. But we also need our poets - that is, we need those who can inspire as well as explain. In more than thirty novels, Neil has reached out to the world at large, spreading the good news of what our lives could be like without the State and its attendant institutions of control. So far as libertarianism has a presence in popular culture, it is in large part thanks to Neil.

My own debt is more personal. I owe much to Neil's advice and moral support. It isn't from jealousy or rivalry that writers tend not to comment on each other's work. We are all trying to make a living, or just wrapped up in our own work, and paying attention to someone else is a diversion from this. Even so, Neil has always been astonishingly generous with his time.

In brief, my very best wishes to Neil and to all his loved ones. They are in my thoughts.

Now, if anyone wants to go beyond thoughts, you can send some money to Neil and his family. Illness is never cheap, and there are many costs involved in nursing him back to health. You can send via PayPal to, or you can use the PayPal buttons here. I hope people will give generously for the comfort of a man who has devoted his life to the freedom of others. 



Cathy Smith Writes:

To our friends who have patiently refrained from asking, Neil suffered a stroke on June 28. He is currently in an excellent acute rehabilitation program at a facility in Northern Colorado and is making good progress. I'm happy to share information. If you want updates, please let me know by email and I'll reply. Giovanni and I are working on making the house (built in 1949) accessible for Neil's eventual return.

Neil, Cathy, & Giovanni
Quibcag: This is a characteristic L. Neil Smith quote, illustrated by what I think is fan art from Love Hina (ラブ ひな Rabu Hina)

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