Monday, August 18, 2014

Headline of the Month, Or, All You Ever Wanted To Know About Ferguson, Missouri, But Were Afraid To Ask

Steve Sailer wins this month, hands down, with:

Nixon Taped Advocating Cover-Up

Huh? I hear you saying. Fear not. It makes perfect sense. Go HERE and read it.

Nice, eh?  Now, if you're getting all your Ferguson news from the idiot talking heads on TV, who still, zombie-like, keep referring to the enormous thug as an "unarmed teenager" — even the so-called "conservative" Fox News — here are some more headlines about the jolly foofraw in Ferguson that give you a deeper understanding. Here's a snarky one from Alternative Right:


Past Performance Is Indicative of Future Results

SPBDL has:

Vox Day asks:

A more restful headline at Just Not Said:

Finally, Nicholas Stix has lots of headlines, so instead of picking one out, I'll just send you to his blog HERE. Scroll down and read all about it.
Quibcag: Again, not literally a quibcag, because there's no room for cute anime girls in this one. The quote is from the remarkable RAMZPAUL, who weighs in on this on his blog HERE.  Oh, what the hey. Here's what he says on one of his pithy videos:

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  1. Robert Lindsay on Ferguson and Michael Brown: