Monday, August 18, 2014

HBD Chick

I've just now added HBD Chick to my blogroll. I should've done it long before now, but I thought I already had.

She seems to have the same theory of blogging that I do, sort of. Stick to a certain range of subject matter, and liven it up by interspersing some light-hearted stuff here and there. In her case, it's HBD, or Human Bio-Diversity, a term you'll be familiar with if you read Steve Sailer. It's pretty self-explanatory: it's the study of the genetic variation among human individuals and groups. Sounds simple enough, but it's rather taboo these days, what with the prevailing dogma of political correctness AKA cultural marxism. But of course it's not just HBD, but the results of HBD, and also distinguishing what human behavior is determined by HBD and what behavior has other causes. This makes it anthropology, both physical and cultural, or what anthropology ought to be, rather than what it has largely become — just another branch of academia devoted to pushing the leftist party line, whatever it currently is.

Well, you won't get political correctness from HBD Chick. What you'll get is a blog that's heavy on science, but readable for us laymen, and a place where you'll find out about some nerdy but significant scientific research and discoveries that you won't be likely to learn about elsewhere. So keep your eye on her blog for new stuff. Or just keep your eye on my blogroll for her new posts.
Quibcag: I don't remember where I got all the politically correct girls.

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