Friday, August 15, 2014

Glaivester Does a New Cartoon — On Immigration and Fat Cats!

One of the biggest myths that the left is propagating is that the fat cats — rich people — are against illegal immigration. That is so blindingly far from the truth that it's flabbergasting. And Glaivester captures the phenomenon perfectly in his latest cartoon. He couldn't, of course, cram all the complicit fat cats into one cartoon, but you'll note that the libertarian Koch Brothers are in there with the rest of the gang. The left has to lie this way, because it's all part of their narrative. In reality, of course, the elite fat cats benefit tremendously from immigration, legal and illegal, because it gives them heaps of cheap labor, which has the effect of driving everybody's wages down. The rich get richer from mass immigration, while the working class — most of us — get poorer.

And the rich don't suffer any of the other downsides of immigration. They send their kids to private schools, while the rest of us see our schools deteriorate from the forced inclusion of illegals to the student body — you have heard, have you not, that Obama says we're legally obligated to educate this latest wave of immigrant children? And we'll pay for that with our taxes while the rich just add to their bank accounts. The rich also don't care about the rising crime rate caused by immigration, because they live in gated communities and can count on the cops showing up immediately when they call them, while the rest of us just have to take care of ourselves.

Now, due to the configuration of this blog, I can't reproduce this cartoon full-size, so to see it that way, go to Glaivester's site HERE, where you can also read his commentary on what the cartoon means, and how he came to do it as his reply to another cartoon by a much less reliable cartoonist.

One more thing. Here's the title of Glaivester's post:

Accusations of Racism: Tool of Elites to Beat Down Working Class Whites

Is it just me, or does this come across as practically a haiku?  It doesn't quite fit the 5-7-5 seventeen syllable rule, but English is harder to do that with than Japanese. Let me tinker....

Accusing Racism:
Tool of elites to beat down
Working class White folks.

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  1. That cartoon is pure gold. Kudos and salutations to Glaivester,

    This point is so true. The idiots that talking the loudest about White Male privilege are the most privileged members of what is left of our society.

    According to Herbert Philbreck, author of I Led 3 Lives, the majority communist conspirators came from the wealthier strata of society.

    The lunatics are running the asylum. Cliché I know but there is truth in clichés which is why they become clichés.