Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Miscellany

First off, I went to Vulture of Critique this morning, as I always do, and got this:

"'Vulture of Critique' is marked private by its owner."

I hope this is a glitch, because everybody needs to read his blog. Hey, Vult! What's going on?

Also, if you want to keep up with what's going on in Ukraine, you should be reading the Glaswegian Observer. Lots of posts lately on the situation there.

Hawaii is getting slammed with apocalyptic hurricanes and things. A good way to keep up with what's going on there is to read The Hawaiian Libertarian.

And you can keep up with the idiotic shenanigans of Sheila Jackson Lee by reading the excellent blog called "Just Not Said" HERE.

And if you're wondering about just who the "religious minorities" are in Iraq (other than Christians) who the ISIS guys have been harassing, some of them are Yezidis. Mangan's has this today:

The Yezidis are being genocided

Militant Slaughter Sparks Mass Exodus in Northern Iraq Mountains
Thousands of men and women from Iraq’s Yezidi religious group are stranded 
in northern mountains, according to United Nations groups, as they sought to escape execution and rape by Islamist militants.

About 140,000 people fled from regions in the north this week, including the town of Sinjar where most of the population is Yezidi, according to the UN children’s fund UNICEF. While most escaped to Kurdish-controlled areas, about 50,000 people, half of them children, “got stranded in the mountains,” Unicef spokeswoman Juliette Touma said by phone from Iraq yesterday. “Their situation is the direst because we cannot provide assistance, provide essential supplies like water.”

The attacks on the minority Yezidi group are the latest evidence of the trauma that has gripped Iraq as Islamic State extends its rampage through the country. The jihadist group’s army is also targeting dams whose destruction could flood areas near Baghdad and Mosul.

“It is a humanitarian tragedy,” Housam Salim, the head of the Solidarity and Brotherhood Yezidi Organization, said in a phone interview yesterday from an area of Mosul controlled by Kurdish forces. “Men were executed in the streets, women were kidnapped and raped,” he said, describing the Islamist takeover. “When we are captured, they kill us immediately, and they take our women.”
I saw a photo online, which I won't reproduce here, of Yezidis preparing several young 
children for burial. They apparently died from lack of food and water.

The world will shock the Yezidis and everyone else with its indifference.

It's also considered Islamophobia if you point out that the mass murders, crucifixions, 
and torture in Iraq are being carried out in Islam's name, and that it looks like other 
Muslims couldn't give a rat's ass about the atrocities their coreligionists are carrying 
out. Maybe some do, but I missed it.
Elsewhere Steve Sailer the Journalist of our time, deconstructs the Anti-Journalist of our Time, Malcolm Gladwell, here:
Gladwell at His Gladwelliest
Quibcag: This is a reprint of an old Vulture of Critique quote, in an effort to lure him back into public.


  1. Have you got any idea why Vulture of Critique has made his blog private?

    1. No. I've messaged him and not heard back. Sometimes, when a blog is canceled or turned off or whatever, it's equivalent to "making it private," so that may be the case, that he's just stopped blogging, which I really hope is not the case.