Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fred Watches the West Decline

This is not a time for optimism, but realism. And realism looks a lot like pessimism. But a wise man once said that if you don't recognize the problem, you have no hope whatsoever of solving it. And almost all the "problems" that our elites have been talking about for the past few decades aren't the actual problems that we have. We had to solve the "problems" of poverty, racism, income inequality, health care, etc., and all the solutions have made the situations worse than they were, so that now they are problems whereas previously they were minor irritations.

Well, our real problems right now are a truly massive national debt, a foreign policy that makes no sense whatsoever, two virtually identical political parties with no solutions but lots of spending ideas, a racial balkanization between White and Black, an outrageous number of illegal aliens with more on the way, and, because of "solutions" already put into effect, a breakdown of our education system.

It's hard to introduce a Fred Reed piece. It's like being a warm-up act for the Beatles. I've been told that I write amusingly and glibly, but I'm not within an order of magnitude of Fred's capacity for being funny and informative at the same time. I highly recommend that you make it a practice, as I have, of visiting frequently, to make sure you're not missing anything. This essay is from the very good site, which you should also visit frequently:

Weimar America
Groobers, Shickle and Otherwise
Quibcag: The Obama image is from HERE.


  1. I'm so sick and tired of the obliviousness of men like Fred who can't resist the required Hitler reference whilst complaining about the very system Hitler fought against. Yes, Adolf told you so!

    BTW, you're actually a better writer than Fred and I don't base that on any difference I have with his opinions.

  2. Well, thanks. That's a high compliment. And I agree entirely about the Hitler reference. I felt like leaving it out, almost. But that would be too much like the adversary's methods. Actually, I expect Fred understands why it should have been left out, but the Zeitgeist required him to include it.

  3. America is broke, in debt far beyond comprehension, being invaded by uneducated and diseased foreigners from around the globe, has a school system that has turned our kids into morons, has a government full of traitorous lunatics, and all you can comment on is a "Hitler reference"?

  4. A very painful read but true. Even more painful, just seeing it.

    My heart breaks for what America was and what it is turning into.

  5. The ship is sinking and the neatly painted lifeboats are all rotten, the ones that aren't painted irremovably to the deck. What is to be done?

  6. Is salvation by subjugation the answer?