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I'm always on the lookout for yet another way to explain to my fellow libertarians that you can't put the cart before the horse. The idea of a libertarian society is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and in order to put that idea into practice, you need certain conditions, and those conditions can't be arrived at spontaneously. We have oodles and oodles of writings about what a libertarian society could be like and how nice it would be, from Atlas Shrugged to Probability Broach, but very little practical writing about how to get there. Right now, we're not getting there, far from it. We're sprinting headlong towards philosophical authoritarianism, led by crypto-Marxists who call themselves liberals, progressives, and neoconservatives. The left-libertarians are wrong. They think the leftists can be our friends and allies, because they advocate certain circumscribed "freedoms," and such "freedoms" are almost exclusively the right to be dysfunctional in one way or another, from drug addiction to sexual perversion to feminism, while the right to do things that make us into self-reliant sovereign individuals are at best de-emphasized, at worst demonized as reactionary and evil.

It's time to break ranks with the potheads and social degenerates and look around for our true allies on the old right, which Rothbard recognized a generation ago.

At The Right Stuff, Darth Stirner writes:

Fascist Libertarianism: For a Better World

Darth Stirner

Here at The Right Stuff we’re always tearing things down and burning bridges. I figured I’d try to write a hopeful article that reaches out to potential right-wing allies and proposes a solution — an article with a positive vision for change. Well, at least it’s as positive as one can be in an article that recommends interning large groups of Americans. I see a potential alliance and compatibility between occidental traditionalists and libertarians. Maybe this is a bridge too far, but it’s really the only way forward for the right.

Creativity, innovation, free actors, decentralization, free markets — it’s all great stuff. This point is granted; spontaneous order is the best. But not always. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances.

Drastic measures are required. We’re too far gone now. A small elite always rules over the herd, and this elite has the power to mold public opinion. We must become the elite, by any means necessary. Martial law is probably required, and that means the imposition of a fascist leader’s arbitrary will.

I understand the urge, I really do, but people are advocating purist libertarian policies at an inappropriate time. Advocating greater civil liberties and open borders in our current situation will only make things worse. We have a demographic problem. The barbarians are way past the gates; exclusion is necessary. The disenfranchisement of degenerates is necessary. The average man is not a libertarian. By empowering every individual you will be mainly empowering progressives.

Libertarians want the average man to have more autonomy, but they must realize that with this freedom the common man will only advocate more leftism, more insanity.

Our democratic constitutions are tantamount to a suicide pact for the Western world. The general public is overwhelmingly in support of Democracy, and it will be the death of us. If you’ve been in the activist world for long enough, it should be obvious that people aren’t going to change their minds voluntarily; without fascism… libertarianism is an exercise in futility. As Moldbug says:

The problem with Mises as guru is that Misesian classical liberalism is like Newtonian physics. It is basically correct within its operating envelope. Under unusual conditions it breaks down, and a more general model is needed… Just as Newtonian rules only make sense at low speeds, Misesian rules only make sense in a secure order.

There is a political hierarchy of needs. Starting with peace, you move to security, then law, and finally freedom. The libertarian wants to skip all the other steps (and the dirty work required in them) and hop right to freedom. We are currently engaged in a type of civil war, so we need to tackle the objective of “peace” first.

We are participants in a democratic civil war where voting wars rage between interest groups. What a grand experiment! On top of the political violence, we also have groups that literally mug, murder, and rape. Advocating libertarian policies in the middle of a war like this emboldens the warring parties and further inflames the conflict. Libertarians inadvertently encourage the opponents of order.

In a certain framework spontaneous order works, and that framework is one in which a libertarian-like culture has been thoroughly instilled and the rules have been clearly laid out. In the endeavor to achieve the libertarian’s vaunted spontaneous order we must first achieve ordinary, centralized, authoritarianism. Then, after this order has set in and the message has been received, the government can start to relax and society can devolve into spontaneous order. Markets can be freed, individual actions can be deregulated, and civilization can flourish.

If libertarianism is to be implemented it must be ushered in by the iron fist — by central planning, by non-libertarian tactics. This is the conundrum facing libertarian advocates: libertarians aren’t willing to countenance what it would actually take for their dreamworld to come true. Libertarians are anti-power and their worldview would require massive amounts of power to implement. The potent enemies of the Right are unencumbered by these moralistic anti-authoritarian ideals, and they will initiate force against you to enforce their egalitarian vision.

Pinochet needs to become popular again in libertarian circles. A heavy-handed police force isn’t always a good idea but sometimes it is quite proper. Libertarians, with their penchant for antagonizing the police, need to be reminded that street criminals are far more likely to accost you than the cops. If libertarians are really out to stop crimes against the individual the real enemy isn’t the policeman; it is the street thug and the common progressive. To re-install a libertarian order we will need police, they must become the libertarian’s ally. As Murray Rothbard himself declared: “Cops must be unleashed… and allowed to administer instant punishment.”

Another dominant idea that cripples libertarians and threatens the new fascist order: human neurological uniformity. Take a look around, non-whites are celebrating your disempowerment. Individualistic myopia, refusing to see groups of people as viable threats to order, is a huge obstacle on the road to the new regime.

Libertarians are usually white males. And these white males are always baffled as to why there are so few minorities involved in their CATO clubs. The individualism that libertarians value is rare in other races, and in the fairer sex. Libertarianism is a white man’s ideology. It’s also an ideology that is partly responsible for many great achievements in human history — great increases in wealth and knowledge. Have no doubt libertarians: your ancestors built this.

Since that time you’ve been dispossessed of what was once known as common sense. Whites are different, they have great power for abstract thinking, for inventing, and for creating powerful civilizations. Not everyone has this power.

Dear libertarian, take the rose colored glasses of racial egalitarianism off. Look around and see that other races don’t even disguise their hatred of you. Even though you don’t think in terms of race, rest assured that they do. Humanity is composed of a series of racial corporations. They stick together, and if we don’t… Western civilization is doomed.

For example, racial spoils are a direct result of white disunity. White males are considered second-class citizens when it comes to employment, education, and government benefits. You can’t pretend this is still your country — it isn’t. You can’t pretend that you can keep playing by the rules of democracy and somehow win. You won’t. If you keep buying into the progressive egalitarian narrative, and the universal human rights paradigm, it will cost you. No other race really believes that hoopla, only white people are wired to actually internalize that “brotherhood of man” stuff. You will be playing a handicap game if you consider the world as being populated by equal individuals without ingrained tribal loyalties.

Currently the dominant group in the West are the progressives, the fervent leftists. They must be contained; they are a direct threat to what American libertarians commonly refer to as “liberty.” Half of white America are political leftists, and their alliances with other tribes has made them drunk with victory. But the leftists are too big for their britches, much like the Sicilian from Princess Bride they are not as smart as they think. But good luck convincing them of that since they have been victorious for so long. They are formidable adversaries. They must be dealt with. Don’t feel bad, they’re dealing with us as we speak.

Progressives, communists, and degenerates of various stripes will need to be interned — at least during the transition period. Terrorism and guerrilla warfare can be prevented with this measure. In the instance of a coup d’état it would be reasonable to detain every person who might conceivably be an enemy of the right-wing revolution. Rather than starving or torturing them they should be treated well with the highest standard of living reasonably possible. Most of them will simply be held until the war is over and the winner is clear. This is actually much more humane than allowing a hotly contested civil war to occur.

True justice has just outcomes. Advocating radical universalist libertarian policies in our current world results in a terrible injustice. Supporting libertarian principles while outside the necessary framework moves a society towards chaos and destruction. You can’t take a libertarian approach, sanctifying the greatness of free choice, when the vast majority of people are refusing to choose libertarianism. You must bash your way into power, and from there you can have libertarian policies emerge.

Basically, hardcore Statism is required to reinstate an order that can even lead to something like libertarianism. This is the catch-22. The only possible methods that can achieve a type of libertarianism in America are repulsive to libertarians. Deontological libertarianism proscribes this fascism. The iron fist is ruled out a priori. Not because it doesn’t work, but because it is considered evil. Libertarians must discard this slave morality if they truly seek efficacy. If libertarians want to win — rather than just feel self-righteous — they must embrace what the reactionaries have to say.

Recognizing the need for the state doesn’t necessarily make you a milquetoast movement libertarian that wants to vote for Rand Paul. Be anti-democratic. A fascist libertarian is a rebel and an anarchist in this society, because it is beyond reform and undeserving of redemption. Besides, take a look at the current voting public, they want nothing to do with the theories of Mises or Rothbard. Elections favor the doltish generic man and libertarians are exceptional. Libertarianism will never become popular enough to win elections. Our current crop of people will not be organically converted to libertarianism. We should realize this. Libertarians are unfashionable weirdos. Other people think them insane, and yet they expect to persuade these same people. Talk can only get you so far.

A key insight that libertarians could take away from both progressives and reactionaries is that the State is a tool, and a useful one at that. Gregory Hood has done a lot of good work on this topic, and he has said that:

“State power allows whites to recapture the sense of building a society, ‘progressivism’ in its best sense.”

The libertarian actually needs the State in order to re-install their ideology in their homelands, to protect their people from enemies, and to help create the environment for a thriving market. I didn’t want to believe it when I was first told by a progressive professor that the market is just like a vegetable garden that needs the State to tend it, fence it in, choose what will be grown, help feed and nurture the seedlings, etc… but it’s true.

We don’t want purely speculative politics, and this is what a lot of radical libertarians are into. Their ideas about polycentric law and competing law agencies can be experimented with, but it’s best to stick to what’s tried and true: The State. And much like men, not all States are created equal: They don’t all have to be Democratic quagmires.

The libertarian’s respect for individualism combined with the reactionary’s understanding of humanity’s limitations will enable us to build a society that brings the best out of human nature, where the hand of government is lightly felt. Laissez-faire has its place and time, but we must set a deliberate direction for our culture and society with State action.

“If you want strong families, you have to reform family and marriage law and create economic policies that reward good choices. If you want quality education, you have to put through policies that recognize that not everyone should be going to college and that real skills and real curriculum should be taught both at a trade school and at a liberal arts university. If you want responsible financial management by families as well as by government, you need policies that reward saving rather than constant consumption. If you want a white ethnostate to stay white, you can’t just bar nonwhite immigrants and yell racial slogans — you have to create a system that prioritizes quality products over plastic junk and skilled labor over dull-eyed helots… All this can only come from the top. All of this requires force and state power.” –Gregory Hood

Another wise professor of mine once said that libertarians are often right, but they’re always irrelevant. Until libertarians can come to terms with the value of fascism they will be relegated to the harmless kook bin. Working within the democratic paradigm will bear no fruit for the libertarian, another way is necessary.

Libertarians must come to terms with the reactionary idea that the country might be a better place if Democracy was suspended, the Constitution annulled, and the government handed over to an interim dictator whose first act would be to impose martial law. For the new regime, consent must be manufactured out of a hostile populace. Libertarianism shouldn’t just be about proscribing certain actions of government regardless of context; it needs to be about the acquisition of power, and using it for righteous ends.
Quibcag: When it comes to illustrating science-oriented quotes, you just can't beat Rika Shiguma of Haganai (はがない).


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  3. Sounds like he wants the libertarian equivalent of a dictatorship of the proletariat. That might work if the masters of such a regime lacked any innate tendency to be corrupted by power. However, I remain skeptical.

    1. It's unlikely that Libertarian Fascism would lead to an event comparable to the Soviet Union. Communism requires constant measures on dissent because it NEVER works, and thus necessitates genocide. Since libertarianism is actually an efficient strategy for ruling then the only people that would need to be killed would be truly unhinged people who are mentally incapable of accepting that libertarianism works.