Friday, August 8, 2014

Ebola is the New AIDS!

Some diseases are just plain cool. Most diseases are dull and boring, because they might attack anybody, and don't have any trendy political significance, but some years back, it became clear that AIDS was really cool because gay people get it, and of course they're better than anybody else and we have to be super-tolerant of them (see previous post). Drug addicts and Africans also tend to get it, so that makes it even cooler. We've all been assured ever since that people with AIDS working in restaurants or going to school and sitting next to your kid are perfectly safe, probably safer than people without AIDS, and that anybody who says different is a bigot, most likely in the KKK or the Tea Party, and probably has a swastika tattoo.

Well, move over, AIDS, it's time for ebola to shine! Since it's an African disease, people who have it are heroes! And, wait for it, soon they'll be moved to the front of the immigration line, because, again, they're heroes, it's a humanitarian crisis, just like on the border. And it's perfectly safe, because you have to catch it from bodily fluids, and God knows that's almost impossible (gesundheit).

The graphic is courtesy of 
Sam Mensch
He also did this:

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  1. I was a newspaper editor during the beginning of the AIDs scare and was sent the statistics from the CDC. Two-thirds homosexuals, one-third IV drug users, a few from blood transfusions - and no heterosexuals.

    I consider Ebola a nearly nonexistent, blown-up threat, just like chicken flu - or whatever it was called. I forget.