Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Canada Has No Right To Exist

The title is of course inflammatory and ironic, relating back to that last post. where I also ironically pointed out that of all the countries in the world, only Israel seems to have the right to exist or to defend itself. The rest of us are just random conglomerations of ethnic groups, with governments that exist to collect taxes from the productive groups, and hand out freebies to the unproductive ones, until the producers either say the hell with it or die out.

Of course Canada has a right to exist, and to defend itself, but Canada's own leaders, much like their US counterparts, don't seem to think that it does. It seems to have started with Canada's equivalent of Lyndon Baines Johnson, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, for whom I have such contempt that I'm not even going to check to see if I spelled "Elliot" right.

This if from Council of European Canadians.

The Origins of Multiculturalism in Canada: The Ukrainian Connection

Frank Hilliard

Multiculturalism arrived in Canada almost literally out of the blue. One moment we were improving our Bilingual and Bicultural character with a Royal Commission and the next moment all that was thrown out the window and a new concept adopted. I was alive during that period, but I must have been asleep, as were almost all of my fellow Canadians. I hardly noticed as the nature of the country was fundamentally changed.

Looking back I see Expo67 in Montreal as the theatre that deluded us all. It was a great world exposition. Anyone who attended was impressed with the swirl of ethnic diversity and colour, the music, the costumes, the pavilions, the delicious food and drink. Having a multicultural country seemed like a great idea. What we failed to realize was that the law governing the Exposition and the people who attended it was Canadian Criminal law which, in turn was based on English Common Law, British Parliamentary Traditions, English concepts of Liberal Democracy, the Separation of Church and State. We failed to realize that law itself is basically just codified culture. If we "opened" ourselves to all cultures and if we made them all equal to Canada's identity, our laws, based on our English and French heritage, would eventually have to change into something else, our institutions would eventually have to reflect other values.

Just four years later, in 1971, Prime Minister Trudeau introduced his multiculturalism policy, which would, in effect, turn all of Canada into a world's fair, announcing in Parliament:

It was the view of the royal commission, shared by the government and, I am sure, by all Canadians, that there cannot be one cultural policy for Canadians of British and French origin, another for the original peoples and yet a third for all others. For although there are two official languages, there is no official culture, nor does any ethnic group take precedence over any other.

No one noticed as this train left the station where it was heading. In the train wreck that is multiculturalism in Canada, Pierre Trudeau has to take pride of place. It was the above cited on Oct. 8, 1971 on presenting the fourth report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, which created Canada's policy of multiculturalism.

But even a clever and willful prime minister can't act on his own. Trudeau was supported encouraged and prodded by others who wanted to do away with French and English culture and replace it with a mosaic, including their own. Who were these "guilty men" who played a part in ruining the country?
Quibcag: I'm not sure who the girl is. I had the graphic in my archive. And isn't that quote about law being codified culture a zinger?


  1. According to Henry Makow, in Canada the PC "police" have bigger, heavier iron fists than their Americans.

    If our Glenn F is any indication, I surmise that not all Canadians are buying into that PC BS.

  2. In Canada we have Human Rights Commissions policing what people say. So say aa lot now before your own government introduces them.

  3. Canada doesn't exist. No country exists. Rememer as kids on long journeys you would complain from the back seat "Mom, he's on my half of the seat". Then you would get sweets or some promise to shut you up and the driver goes where he wants in peace.
    And so we meet, at an early age, the principles of Statism.

    1. Countries do indeed exist in the same way for the same reason seats exist: it would be utter chaos without them.

  4. Pierre Trudeau is the Kennedyof Canada.(In Politics,he was the Canadian LBJ)