Monday, August 4, 2014

Be a Libertarian, not a Libertardian

First, go read this post at the Countenance blog:

Libertarianism = Anti-White Race Denial

Now, of course, my version of libertarianism doesn't equal anything of the kind. In fact, I'm always in trouble with leftists, liberals, neocons, and (alas!) other libertarians for emphatically not denying race.

But, you know, there are degrees of race denial. The most extreme form is the assertion that race flat-out doesn't exist. This is plainly idiotic on the face of it, but it has lots of adherents. There is probably no reason to argue with such people, unless they're very young and are just parroting nonsense their teachers blather about. But comparatively more sensible people admit that races exist, but deny that it matters. They either say that all racial differences are just physical and superficial, and have no effect on intellect or temperament, or that they have negligible effect on them, and hardly matter at all.  They're wrong, but you can at least talk about reality with them.

But this Jason Pye bozo is worst than any of those. I'm sure he's a race denier of one of the sorts I've mentioned, but he goes a step further with his denial that the Democrats are anti-White. Of course the Democratic party is anti-White! You'll find a few trivial exceptions, but the Democrat dogma is always one degree or another of the race denial levels discussed above. And it's also Democrat dogma that, therefore, any disadvantage, real or perceived, that nonWhites may suffer are entirely due to some kind of White discrimination or other mischief, so Whites are legally disadvantaged by as much legislation as they can think up. Eric Holder cruises around making sure that businesses hire and promote Blacks whether they're qualified or not. Everyplace is forcibly integrated because Blacks want it that way and Whites don't. Every effort is made to make Whites vulnerable to Black crime by making sure that only cops and criminals have guns. The list goes on and on.  Now this Pye guy, with his idiotic tweet, is denying all this. In short, he's nothing more than a useful idiot for Obama.

Does the libertarian movement really need idiots like this? They give the principles of libertarianism a bad name, by associating them with stupid ideas about race. Let's encourage them to join the Democratic party, where they belong.
Quibcag:  Sorry, don't know who the girl is. But she looks wise, so she is illustrating this wise quote.
Update: But Vulture of Critique knows who she is! He writes:

What the hell kind of blogosphere are we living in when people don’t recognize Karen Araragi?

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  1. I believe that is Karen Araragi from Bakemonogatari.