Monday, August 11, 2014

A Solution to the Stinking Gaza Mess

First the setup: During the short but glorious life of the CSA, one of the most able Confederate politicians was Judah P. Benjamin. He served the government first as Attorney General, then as Secretary of War, and finally as Secretary of State. If the rebellion had succeeded, he would probably have ended up as President. Now, this leads me to a post I recently did about "The Stinking Gaza Mess,"  where I pointed out that there were three possible solution to the Palestine problem, to wit:

1. Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Israelis, which is what is going on right now, glacially slowly and agonizingly as it may be happening.

2. Ethnic cleansing of the Israelis by the Palestinians, which is what the Palestinians would like but which is pretty unlikely, as things stand, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Israeli lobby, which of course wants more of our money, lots of it.

3. Occupation by some superpower who will keep the peace and scare both sides into leaving one another alone. This would require a big, rich superpower, like the US or Russia, or maybe China, and it would be horribly expensive and I'm damned if I can see any advantage to any such superpower in doing so. I certainly don't want us to do it.

Well, this was replied to by A. X. Perez, who supplied the quibcag quote. And A. X. could very well be the Judah P. Benjamin of the Ex-Army administration, when I'm called on to take over the whole mess on my white horse. I was going to appoint him Attorney General, but his comment leads me to think his talents would be better applied as Secretary of State. He's turned my whimsical point #3 into what I think is the most workable solution I've every heard of for the Palestinian situation. Heck, I might just make him Secretary of Everything, and spend my time hanging out at summit conferences, helping Putin play practical jokes on François Hollande.
Quibcag: The illustration is from “Nyotaika!! Dictators of the World.”


  1. The Crisis will end when Jesus comes back.

  2. I thank you for the praise and compliment. I have to admit that one of my considerations in the statement is that the 2 factions in this fight are somewhat more racist than Americans realize and would be offended. I guess I need to work at being nicer. Then again, maybe not.