Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well, I'll be Goddess-Damned!

Guest post by Baloo:
Like hollywood and television, the comics have always been mainly entertainment for money mixed with as much left-wing propaganda as possible. Of course there are exceptions, like Red Dawn, I Led Three Lives, and Steve Ditko, but that only proves the rule. Unlike Chateau Heartiste in the reprint below, I pay as much attention as I can to the comics, what with being a cartoonist and all, and I can say that he's right. Don't let the patriotism of the old comics fool you too much. The thrust wasn't pro-American in the war years so much as it was anti-Axis, which isn't the same thing at all.

Anyhow, it keeps ratcheting up (or down), and now we have multi-racial superheroes and, I understand, a gay one or two. But the latest wild and crazy ideas from Marvel are a bit mind-boggling. Some time back, it was decided, in the movie versions at least, that Nick Fury was Black, which pretty much throws the Howling Commandos into the realm of alternate history. I don't know how they reconciled all that. 

But, better still, now Captain America is going to be Black, and what with Affirmative Action, he'll probably be immediately promoted to Major or Colonel.

But the best for last. I hope it's the last. Thor is going to be a woman. Now, back in the old days, when I first noticed Marvel Comics, I was puzzled by their decision to take a burly, red-bearded guy and turn him into a clean-shaven mesomorph with long blond hair. So nothing really outrageously new about making him female, except that of all the Norse Gods, Thor has got to be the most masculine.  But that's in keeping with their decision to make Heimdall, "the whitest of the gods," into Idris Elba, or whatever his name is.

I can hardly wait to see what DC counters with. Clark Kent hanging around in gay bars? Batman finally making an honest woman out of Robin? The Flash literally flashing? And Plastic Man would certainly make an effective tranny.

Well, Chateau Heartiste writes about this phenomenon HERE, and the title alone is worth linking to:

Liberals are gloating over the recent editorial choices to geld Thor and race cuck Captain America. The former will become Whor, the female Thor, and the latter will become Captain Gibsmedat, the numinous negro who saves the right kinds of white people from the wrong kinds of white people.
I kid, I kid… you not. The last time I read a comic I was 7. I don’t get the appeal of the genre to grown men with, presumably, descended testes. Nevertheless, the anti-white male animus driving these character changes that have shocked and delighted and stirred the quivering anuses of the comic book reading community are yet one more telling detail of America’s decline.
The decline is in the details.
One common thread to most of these anti-white male insurgencies is the cast of goons and misfits running the show into the ground. Take a look at this face shot of the fat white liberal quasi-male named Devin Faraci, who dribbled a premenstrual snarkstain titled “Sorry White People, Captain America is Black Now.”
Quibcag: Marii Buratei, of Joshiraku (じょしらく),, though she's Japanese and female, has the same contempt for anti-white liberal white males that Chateau Heartiste does.

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  1. Joss Whedon is supposed to write and direct the movie based on this concept. He can make it work. Supposedly Katie Sackhoff (who played Starbuck in the 2000's version of Battlestar Galactica and is a proponent of gun safety and truly hot) has been offered the job to play Thor(ette). Visions of Katie Sackhoff in a leather and chain mail bikini wielding Mjolnir brighten my day. The joys of being straight.