Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Truth is a Hateful Thing

My recent post of a partial reprint of a Fred Reed piece HERE led to an interesting exchange on a forum. The post was said to be "hateful" and it allegedly treated homosexuals as "less than human." I was also told that libertarians are fiscally responsible and socially tolerant, and that therefore, I was not a libertarian but a Republican. I was also informed that describing sexual perverts as sexual perverts was hateful and wrong. In short, it was all an exercise in the inability of liberals (and, alas, some libertarians) to distinguish between tolerance and approval. Whew! Do read that piece, if you haven't, and see if you can find any of that stuff in there.  The irony is that this all took place on a self-described libertarian forum. This is all part of the phenomenon of "thick libertarianism," which essentially is the principle that any and all liberal political correctness themes are an essential part of libertarianism. If that's the case, the Cultural Marxists have won, and we might as well recycle all our Rothbard and von Mises books into pulp where they can be reused to print "Hope and Change" bumper stickers.

Well, let me say what I've said before yet another way. The essence of libertarianism is the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP), AKA the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) that states that it's unethical to initiate force or fraud against another person. It doesn't say anything about having to call Bradley Manning "she" or helping everybody celebrate diversity, or indeed accepting any politically correct blather. It also says that you can do stupid stuff like that if you want to.

My position isn't that such "thick" libertarians aren't libertarians (though some of them might not be, but may be just standard leftists trying to hitchhike on what popularity libertarianism has, à la Bill Maher). Sure, they're libertarians. They're just impractical libertarians, who refuse to understand, for whatever reason, that libertarian principles are based on, and issue from, the values and institutions (some of them, anyway) of Western civilization, and simply cannot propagate in the decadent, multicultural social mess that the left is constantly promoting.

And here's another reason for the Thickees to call me a Republican or a fascist or whatever the accusation du jour is. I don't think any sane ideology is enhanced by ignoring reality, and is certainly not enhanced by denying reality. And here's some reality for you:

Western civilization, with all its science, ethics, and individualism (the underpinnings of libertarianism, remember), was built by, and is primarily maintained by, White European males. That's not to say others can't participate, but it is to say that it's impossible without that White European male component being dominant. Plenty of non-WEM's have contributed and will continue to contribute — Rothbard, Sowell, Ayn Rand, Paul Gottfried, Pim Fortuyn, etc. spring to mind. But for every one of them there are a hundred WEM's doing the same thing and creating the bedrock of Western civilization that make their thinking and work possible.

So the Cultural Marxist policy of replacing WEM's all over the place with non-WEM's, with Affirmative Action and other forceful government initiatives are inimical to Western Civilization and libertarianism, no matter how well such policies mesh with the PC-whipped Thickees' short-sighted ideology.

Right now, the push is on to insist that one essential aspect of our civilization, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) can be done quite well with Affirmative-Action hires, and WEM's should take a back seat and make way for the ladies and nonWhites and others, and civilization will be even better, just like developments in the vibrant new South Africa. Tobias Langon writes over at

The End of the Story: Reversing Reality at the National Security Agency

Taking Blacks out of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – would be like taking pygmies out of basketball. You wouldn’t notice much difference. However, if you took White males out of STEM, the field would collapse. But that’s reality and what does reality matter in modern America? Here is an advert for the NSA, or National Security Agency, America’s premier practitioners of mass surveillance:

Can you spot any White males? Me neither. The NSA is committed to defending modern American values, which are based on fantasy, not reality. The fantasy is that Blacks and women are held back from high achievement in STEM by the prejudice of White males. The reality is that Blacks and women are biologically unsuited to the field. Some can do well there, but their representation falls as the cognitive load rises. NSA, like all other arms of government in modern America, is committed to reversing this unpalatable reality and to punishing White males for something that isn’t their responsibility.

In fact, the ad specifically calls for talent in meeting “complex mathematical challenges.” Mathematics, with its high g-loading, is a field where African Americans are particularly underrepresented. A 2004 article in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education notes that more than 41% of Ph.D.’s for Blacks were in the field of education. On the other hand,

the very large racial Ph.D. gap in the natural sciences is striking when we examine black Ph.D. awards in specific disciplines. For example, not a single African American earned a Ph.D. in astronomy or astrophysics in 2004. In all there were 165 Ph.D.s awarded in these fields. African Americans earned only 10 doctorates in mathematics. This was only 0.9 percent of all doctorates awarded in the field. …

A strong indicator of the fact that African Americans as a group continue to avoid most of the natural sciences appears in the statistics for specific disciplines. In 2004, 2,100 doctorates were awarded by universities in the United States in the fields of mathematical statistics, botany, optics physics, human and animal pathology, zoology, astrophysics, geometry, geophysics and seismology, general mathematics, nuclear physics, astronomy, marine sciences, nuclear engineering, polymer and plastics engineering, veterinary medicine, topology, hydrology and water resources, animal nutrition, wildlife/range management, number theory, fisheries science and management, atmospheric dynamics, engineering physics, paleontology, plant physiology, general atmospheric science, mathematical operations research, endocrinology, metallurgical engineering, meteorology, ocean engineering, poultry science, stratigraphy and sedimentation, wood science, polymer physics, acoustics, mineralogy and petrology, bacteriology, logic, ceramics science engineering, animal breeding and genetics, computing theory and practice, and mining and mineral engineering. Not one of these 2,100 doctoral degrees went to an African American.

A 2011 article in Huffington Post noted:

In 2009, African-Americans received 1 percent of degrees in science technologies, and 4 percent of degrees in math and statistics. Out of 5,048 PhDs awarded in the physical sciences, such as chemistry and physics, 89 went to African-Americans – less than 2 percent. “STEM Education And Jobs: Declining Numbers Of Blacks Seen In Math, Science

(Read the rest HERE.)
Quibcag: Rika Shiguma (志熊 理科) science girl of Haganai (はがない), has collapsed from the excessive cognitive load demanded by STEM. The second quibcag has been around for awhile, and I've forgotten who the girl is. But I recommend you download it and use it when you have to deal with politically correct types, inside and outside the libertarian-sphere.


  1. I applaud their efforts to systematically degrade their abilities by employing women and non-whites. LOL

  2. Excellent article. I too am a fan of Fred Reed - and reality.