Friday, July 18, 2014

Suffer the Little Children

Here's the way it works, and Orwell is nodding in Heaven about it: When liberals want you to sympathize with somebody, they call them by the most innocuous, appealing, precious names they can think of. In the case of gang-bangers who shoot each other, they're almost always "children." They justify this by saying, when you call them on it, that anybody under eighteen is legally a minor. That's not good enough, because that is not the same thing as a "child," legally or any other way. But if they say "minor," the reader or listener damn well knows that it includes great big hulking 17-year-old thugs as well as little kids, so they say "child" instead. This also helps when they compile statistics on how many "children" are killed by awful guns. Most such "children" are, of course, Trayvons shooting each other. When Obama's "stay on your parents' health policy till you're 26" principle gets established, we can have some really old children out there.

When you have flat-out riots where cars are turned over, buildings set afire, and cops attacked, even liberals know "children" is a little hard to believe, so they go for "youths" instead, which takes you up to the forties, at least.

But back to "children." The trick continues with the "refugee" "children" crossing the border. Some fo these "unaccompanied children" have children of their own, of course. Read more about that in a previous blog post HERE. Even those neanderthal right-wing Nazis at Fox News call them "children."

But, you know, there's a precedent for all this. Nothing new under the sun. In past times, other people of a certain age posed as "refugee" "children," though these guys were mostly just after a free meal.

All the worlds a stooge by stoogemaster

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