Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rockwell on Racism (No, the OTHER Rockwell)

I've frequently pointed out that "racism" doesn't really mean anything. Oh, if you can agree with whoever you're talking to on a definition, it can be useful, but as it's commonly used in public discourse, it really doesn't mean a damn thing, and is sort of like a child's usage of the term "doo-doo head." All it means is that the kid doesn't like whoever he's describing. Thanks to Mike Rosen for that comparison. Just in the last few years, I've heard the following activities or attitudes described as "racism":

1. Not voting for Obama.
2. Opposing Obamacare.
3. Wanting illegal immigrants deported.
4. Advocating voter ID.
5. Opposing higher taxes.
6. Thinking Zimmerman might be innocent.
7. Thinking O. J. Simpson might be guilty.
8. Voting Republican.
9. Voting Libertarian.
10. Liking Vladimir Putin.
11. Opposing Muslim immigration.
12. Opposing bombing Muslims.

So the hell with it. I don't even use it to describe the likes of Al Sharpton. It lends him too much dignity. I just say he hates White people. It's simple, clear, and undisputable, while using "racism" just gets you into a tedious argument about word definitions.

With copious reference to Rothbard, Lew Rockwell explores just what racism may or may not mean, along with its sort-of opposite, equality, from his website

What Exactly Is ‘Racism’?


  1. I thought that Barck Obama defined racism when he criticized no gooder Trayvon Martin for attacking a member of another race who was a concerned
    Neighborhood - as distinct from plain hood - Watchman.
    You should really pay more attention to BO.

  2. Rothbard and Rockwell both miss the mark in their discussion of "anti-Semitism". Both play into the tired old lie that Jews are Semites or that the real Semites (Palestinians, et al) don't count as Semites.

    In reality, the Jews deserve scorn and disdain for their own supremacist (racist) ways. Of course, Rothbard (a Jew) and Rockwell (a Jew ass-kissing sycophant) would never admit that Jews are the most racist beings on the planet, which only proves they are full of shit.

    Love you blog. Linked here from vulture of critique (I think).