Monday, July 7, 2014

Remember Murrieta — The Press Wants You To Forget About It.

Fearful of any resistance to their beloved Lord Obama, the press members of the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) are trying to distract us with other things, like the Keystone-Kops kidnapping follies in Nigeria, and various acts of mayhem in Israel, that have nothing to do with the fate of the United States. But right now, in the city of Murrieta, our own government is doing its best to replace the American people with a whole new people, who will cooperatively become an essential part of Leviathan, and vote and become government dependents just like our rulers desire.  From Nicholas Stix Uncensored:

Reconquistas and Communists Celebrated Independence Day in Murrieta, California by Burning and Ripping American Flags

A white American female communist bragged about ripping up American flags. She nattered that the American flag is “a symbolism of imperialism” in the world. This, from a supporter of the most imperialist ideology of the past 100 years!

You have to understand that a communist’s words have no connection whatsoever to reality.

(To read the whole thing, and see photos and videos, go HERE.)

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