Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Remember Murrieta

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What is the meaning of Murrieta? Did Mayor Alan Long pull a Yeltsin-on-the-tank moment off? Let's hope so. You know, this is the first time actual working-class Americans went out in the streets and stopped the Government from pushing them around for a long time. I'm not counting Tea Party demonstrations, because they've all been uniformly polite, gentle, non-threatening, and completely ineffective. Oh, there have been plenty of street demonstrations, by Al Sharpton's and Jesse Jackson's thugs, Occupy bums and aged hippies, and illegal aliens, and many of them have managed to cause the Government to do things they want or stop doing things they didn't like, but these Muriettans are honest-to-God Americans, wanting the Government to do the right things for America.

Other such incidents in history are called to mind. Tiananmen Square. The Boston Massacre. The Beer Hall Putch (I thought I'd beat the lefties to the punch by mentioning that). Waco. Murietta involved busses, thank God, and not tanks, like most of the others.

Will history record Murrieta as the beginning of the end for the established liberal/neocon order? Not because of what happened there, but because American seeing it happen might come to realize that feeble complaining on the net won't get the job done, as long as the left dominates the streets. Vox Day says this:

The new battle cry

Repatriation. Some of you may recall that I have predicted this for some time now:
Lynes's growing group of protestors in Murrieta has been organizing and plans to continue their protests until something is done. Their message is support Border Patrol, stop illegal immigration, enforce existing U.S. laws at the border, and repatriate those here in the U.S. illegally to their home countries.
They're focused on illegals now. But, just as we've seen in the larger immigration debate, the shift from illegal immigrants to all immigrants will take place soon. It's already happened in most European countries. Because it's not about the legality of the entry, it's about who is where.

This is a literal invasion of the country. And given the growing indications that the Executive Branch helped it take place, it is without question an impeachable offense.
Mayor Alan Long doesn't have a Wikipedia entry yet (get to work, Wikipedians!), but his website is HERE. He seems like a decent chap, and I'm eager to learn more about him. How about Alan Long for President? More info as I find stuff out.
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