Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pathological Empathy

Tegucigalpa, Honduras- “A girl (11 years-old) resisted being robbed of $5. She was clubbed over the head and dragged off by two men who cut a hole in her throat, stuffed her panties in it, and left her body in a ravine…”

I ran across this little gem on a forum, and of course it evoked from most of the participants exactly what it was supposed to evoke — intense empathy and an unquestioning advocacy for opening the
borders so this sort of thing will never happen again. I wrote on the forum:

That sort of suggests that maybe we don't need to import Hondurans, hm?

And someone rapidly replied:

No, it suggests we need to welcome these refuges, fer christ's sake.

And someone else wrote:

Bring in the kids and any parent - they're all political refugees now. 

Absolutely no thought given to the fact that open borders will be open to the murderers as well as to their prospective victims. These killers of course are not orcs or demons, but simply other Hondurans, who are of course related to other 11-year-old girls, and who will enter as their fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc., because it would be immoral to break up families.

Liberals seem to think that when people from a violent culture cross the US border, a transformation of some kind takes place and they stop being violent people, because violence in Honduras or Uganda or wherever is completely caused by Americans. White Americans.

All of this is of course egregiously paternalistic. Third-Worlders have no agency, and everything they do is caused by us. The next step after accepting all the "refugees" will, of course, be to bomb Honduras or invade it, or send billions of dollars there in foreign aid. Better yet, follow the neocon/liberal paradigm and do all of that!  Invade, bomb, pour money in, and invite millions of immigrants.  As Steve Sailer asks, what could possibly go wrong?

Speaking of Steve Sailer, Steve is interested in this idea that illegal Hispanic immigrants will do wonderful things, you know, cure cancer and invent wonderful machines, so they should be granted amnesty, right? So far they've found one such immigrant. Sort of.  Read about this Dream Act Dreamboat HERE.


  1. Not only is the "empathy" pathological but selective (no concern for working people being displaced by illegal aliens) but manipulative as well.

  2. What about the homeschooling family from Germany that we turned back over to Germans, where they were ARRESTED?