Friday, July 25, 2014

Obama as Fagin!

Guest post by Kris Brownlow:

In the United States, anyone harboring or concealing a runaway child could face serious jail time.  So why is President Obama's administration being allowed to spend millions in taxpayers dollars to harbor thousands of children from Central America who have run away from their homes and parents?

Is President Obama some kind of real-life Fagin?  It's been said that Dickens based his evil antagonist in "Oliver Twist"  on a black "child stealer" named Henry Murphy.  According to a news report in the British paper "The Times" dated Jan 14, 1834, inside Murphy's home were found 13 children "all miserably clad and huddled together in the corner" of a "dark and filthy" room.  This sounds almost like an ICE detention center except that where Henry Murphy only had 13 runaways in his thrall, Barack Obama has thousands.

While "child-stealer" Henry Murphy's goal was to send his runaways out every day 'to rob and steal what they could', it's been alleged that Obama's goal is to send his runaways out to grow-up and vote Democratic.  More nefarious allegations have said that it is an attempt by Obama to gain greater control of the U.S. through manufactured chaos.  It is hard to imagine that all these young runaways just happened to arrive at our border without some kind of intergovernmental encouragement and assistance. Meanwhile, the question needs to be asked, who is going to pay and care for all of these runaways?  The old cliche "charity begins at home" would seem to apply here.  According to HUD, 1.5 million children in America will be homeless each year. Bringing in tens of thousands of runaway children from Central America will only strain the system further and decrease what little standard of living our kids currently receive in homeless shelters across the country.  

Most of these illegal alien runaways (euphemistically called "unaccompanied children" by the child-stealing Obama administration)  already have parents, why is there seemingly no serious effort being made to locate these parents and reunite them with their runaway children?  If a child knocked on your door and you took them in, plus hid them from their parents, you would probably end up in prison.  In the same vein, the Obama administration should have no right to seize and harbor these runaway children without trying to ascertain who and where the parents are. Reuniting the runaways with their parents should be the top priority. 

As everyone knows, when the lifeboat is sinking it does no good to take on more passengers.  With our shaky economy, if  the President continues to let tens of thousands of "unaccompanied" illegal aliens flood across our borders, Obama will be forcing the United States to commit economic suicide.


  1. Obama will be forcing the United States to commit economic suicide.

    When one looks at the totality of what is occuring (not just bringing these illegal people in), it is evident that the suicide is planned, the bullet in the gun and the gun pointed at the temple.

    This is all orchestrated.

    The real money issues are not these people themselves. There is far more wasted via the banking system and wars, than anything these people could do.

    But these illegals are far more than just "children", unless you call all the tattoo garnered gang members "children".

    The race war is drawing up recruits.

  2. Compared to the bastards (Not Just President Obama) responsible for the cluster fuck on the Border Fagin is a Saint with his own Cathedral and Feast Day on the Calendar and everything. These SOBs have tricked thousands of children and their mothers (and yeah, a bunch of them really are kids) to trek through territory where they will all be robbed and shaken down for bribes and many will be kidnapped for ransom or to be sold into forced servitude (including forced prostitution), extorted to pay additional fees to the people guiding them to the US, murdered, and/or abandoned to die of thirst, exposure , and or heat exhaustion in the desert. all Fagin did was teach them to shoplift, pick pockets, and commit the occasional burglary, which compared to being a politician is honest work.