Monday, July 21, 2014

Nutty Is The New Normal

We libertarians are very much in favor of letting people do whatever damn-fool thing they like with themselves, though the more sensible of us stop short of encouraging self-destructive behavior. But no matter how permissive you get, there's always somebody out there pushing the envelope, or running it into the ground. It's not enough for the weird and crazy to be left alone (tolerance). That soon palls, and they want approval. They want to have pride parades and Affirmative Action. And they're getting all that. But now they want to be permitted to celebrated and applauded for propagating their weirdness and craziness and self-destructiveness by passing it on to innocent children. As in the Coy Mathis story.

And now, my favorite leftist, Robert Lindsay, reports on the latest (as far as I know) manifestation of this groovy new trend in child abuse:

Special Summer Camp for Little Boys Who Think They Are Girls


I don’t know how I feel about this. Am I supposed to feel good about this or something? I don’t feel good about this at all. In fact, I feel horrified. They’re all little boys, but some of them are very little boys. Like, 5 years old or younger. This camp shows them how to put on makeup, dress up like girls, walk like a girl, etc.

I suppose VV Putin simply thinks this sort of thing has gone too far. Who says he’s not right. Why is it that, in order to be on the Left, I have to be ok with something that seems frighteningly creepy and weird? Forget that. Social conservatism, here I come.
The left could use more people like Robert, who actually think about issues, instead of duckspeaking the party line.

Elsewhere, Robert comments on the adult version of all this, HERE, which, while idiotic, is at least only self-destructive. They are only humiliating themselves, and not abusing children. I hope.


  1. The few boys who really have this problem should be treated kindly of course, but not like this, and as I've suspected about these stories, how many of them are really cases of "Mommy wanted a girl"? Little boys who will do anything for their parents' love.

  2. "Mommy and daddy lesbian wanted a girl" is true of that sick Californian couple.