Friday, July 18, 2014

More Clintonian Follies

Everybody likes to constantly remind us about Hitler, and they find Hitler clones everywhere, from Khomeini to Saddam Hussein to, now, Putin, but it falls to a meager few — Mostly Pat Buchanan — to remind us about the Treaty of Versailles, and how it made the mess possible that led to Hitler and all that he's associated with. It doesn't do any good to caterwaul about Hitler without mentioning Versailles. It's like complaining about horse manure without alluding to horses.

I've mentioned the Unz Review before (It's over there on the Blogroll under Steve Sailer). I found it by following Steve over there, and it's got him and lots of other good stuff, and I recommend that you check it out often. But just in case you don't, part of my job is to make sure you don't miss good stuff, on that site and many others. And today there's some Clinton material that most of us never knew or have forgotten about.

There's a lot more to the Clinton years than Monica and other obvious screw-ups, and two things that the Clintons did enraged me at the time, and we're still suffering from the effects. For a number of reasons, the Soviet Union fell, and the communists, if they wanted to remain communists, had to scurry to countries that welcomed them, like Cuba and North Korea (which are mostly too icky to live in) or to the academic world here in America, where they flourish like never before. But I digress. Two Clinton accomplishments were to bomb hell out of Serbia to ensure the establishment of an Islamic state in Europe. Bravo. The other was to expand NATO right up to the Russian border (which we had agreed not to do), making Russians wonder if it was communism that America opposed, or the whole idea of Russia itself. With most of the neocons, it was the idea of Russia. They always hated the place, and hate it even more now that the Russians have become inhospitable to the neocons cousins, the communists. But I continue to diverge. A third thing, of course, was that we sent our banksters over there to loot the place and make nice with the Russian oligarchs, and you can't blame the Russians for resenting that a teensy bit.

This leads in to one of the most important articles I've linked to on this blog. Throw away all the impressions you may have accumulated in your mind about Democrats in general or Clintons in particular being "peaceful." They're nothing of the kind, despite all the rhetoric. Democrats directly got us into two world wars, Korea, and Vietnam, all with deplorable results, and were totally complicit in the Bush adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. And that includes the Clintons. Don't let Bill's draft-dodger status fool you. History is full of bloodthirsty, warmongering draft-dodgers.

And now we have Hillary, who is a neocon with the best of them, with the messianic mission of using American military power to transform the world. She, it is said, nagged Bill into murdering Serbs, cheered on the invasion of Iraq, and no doubt has plans to bomb everybody else until the world is safe for feminists, gays, transgenders, and Goldman-Sachs, a strange set of bedfellows but a remarkably compatible bunch. This from the Unz Review:

How the Clintons Failed to Heed Lessons of Treaty of Versailles.
Changing Course, They Set the U.S. on Dangerous Path of Confronting Russia.
(Read the rest HERE.)
Quibcag: The Russian girl is somehow related to Girls und Panzer (ガールズ&パンツァーGāruzu ando Pantsā). I found her HERE, and maybe you can figure it out.

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