Friday, July 4, 2014

Lollipops and Lunkheads

Sheila Jackson Lee, who famously doesn't know the difference between Mars and the Moon, is now demonstrating that she doesn't know the difference between the United States and other countries. She also seems to think that her Black constituents who already have a horrible unemployment rate would benefit from competition by hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens willing to work real cheap. It's almost like she's working for fat-cat capitalists who want to drive down their labor costs and make more profit.

Look at it this way. If I were a big-shot business owner who needed a lot of unskilled labor, and slavery being frowned upon, I'd love to have millions of peons available to work for me for nothing. But if I were a young Black kid who is having a hard time finding any kind of a job, let alone one that pays decent wages, I might not want those millions pouring over the border. And I'd want "Black leaders" to understand that and oppose mass immigration. Why don't they? Could it be that they don't really care about the fate of American Blacks, but instead want to keep them dependent on the government, and dependent on the shakedown methods of the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons and Sheila Jackson Lees and Barack Obamas and Eric Holders? Could it be?

Anyhow, here's Sheila's latest stunt, from Breitbart:


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) believes the border crisis is not a national security threat, despite gangsters having already been apprehended along the United States-Mexico border.

In fact, Jackson Lee waved a bag of lollipops during a Thursday House Homeland Security Field Hearing in McAllen, Texas, and said she took bags of such lollipops to the illegal immigrant children in detention centers during recent visits. 
"This is not a national security crisis," Jackson Lee emphasized, noting that she was not armed and did not fear for her life when visiting the children. Jackson Lee said Border Patrol agents claimed the children were some of the most "orderly" and "behaved" children they have encountered. 
Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), however, said that the "first priority" of the federal government is to protect the American people, and he was "not convinced that we know enough about the children that are here" to believe they will do no harm.
Barletta stated that illegal immigrants are flooding across the border because of the Obama administration's non-enforcement of the country's immigration laws. He warned that if those seeking to do harm sneak across the border, "innocent Americans" will be the ones who "pay that price."
I found this story, BTW, at one of the many good links on the subject at  Matt is helping keep this story alive. Here are his other links:

Illustration: This is the adorable Himeko, from Sket Dance, スケット・ダンス
Update: Countenance has a special tribute to Sheila Jackson Lee on his blog HERE.

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