Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fagin was a Saint, Indeed

My last post, Obama as Fagin, drew a remarkably illuminating response below from A. X. Perez. As an intro, let me say that in response to all the blather from liberals about the border incident, which calls for empathy for the border-crossers and a complete lack of concern for the impact they'll have on this country, my attitude has been to ignore all that and instead concentrate on that impact.

So I've allowed liberal nonsense to skew my own thinking. That is, I've unconsciously accepted the liberal line that the way to show compassion for these people is simply to let them in, with encouragement, and immediately dump all kinds of freebies in their laps. Of course, like all liberal ideas, this is also inaccurate.

If you do ignore the interests of our country, and concentrate on the plight of the so-called refugees in isolation, you come to realize that while their impact on this country will indeed be deplorable, the impact on them has been even worse. The liberals, and all the people encouraging their illegal entry, are actually not in the least concerned about the fate of the illegals. On the contrary, they're cynically using them as pawns to help in their basic plan to wreck America and Western Civilization. And if they suffer, and have their lives wrecked and even die as a result, that's just collateral damage to the liberals and neocons.

A. X. Perez sets me and the people perpetrating this disaster, along with their enablers, straight:


Compared to the bastards (Not Just President Obama) responsible for the cluster f*ck on the Border Fagin is a Saint with his own Cathedral and Feast Day on the Calendar and everything. These SOBs have tricked thousands of children and their mothers (and yeah, a bunch of them really are kids) to trek through territory where they will all be robbed and shaken down for bribes and many will be kidnapped for ransom or to be sold into forced servitude (including forced prostitution), extorted to pay additional fees to the people guiding them to the US, murdered, and/or abandoned to die of thirst, exposure , and or heat exhaustion in the desert. all Fagin did was teach them to shoplift, pick pockets, and commit the occasional burglary, which compared to being a politician is honest work.
Quibcag: I don't remember where the tantrum girl came from originally, but you can see her kicking and screaming HERE.

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  1. OT, I have another political cartoon. It's not about immigration or anything, but it does implicitly knock down a peg or two 2 of the amnesty pimps.