Tuesday, July 22, 2014

David and Goliath Need More Foreign Aid

The title's a joke. Some of the things I've posted lately have led some commenters to say that I'm pro-Israel. I'm not. Things I've posted in the past have gotten me accused of being pro-Palestinian. I'm not that, either. I'm pro-American. I think that American foreign policy — and that includes our immigration policy — should be based on our own American interests, you know, the way real countries run their foreign policies. You can't please everybody and shouldn't try to.

But I certainly have opinions about the Israel-Palestine situation, although it's none of my business. That's a valid point, you know. You can have opinions about the domestic situation in the house next door, but that doesn't mean you should intervene, physically or financially, in that situation. That's what "none of your business" means.

My opinion is that establishing Israel in the first place was a monumentally bad idea. The original idea was that the Israelis would drive all the Arabs out of the land they wanted to occupy, and nobody would care except the Arabs, and they're just a bunch of (insert belittling term here) anyway. Well, most of the Arabs didn't want to go, and didn't, and we have the present mess. As I quoted Vox Day saying the other day,

"The Jews have a right to their homeland, Israel. They also have a right to invade Gaza because they were being attacked; hundreds of rocket launches is a legitimate casus belli."

That, I think, is what brought in the accusation of my being pro-Israel. Well, I don't entirely agree here with Vox Day, at least not when the quote is taken in isolation, because it's also true that being shoved into a fenced-off ghetto and treated like subhumans by a conquerer is also a legitimate casus belli. If you think that's an extreme statement, you need to read up on the subject.

Both Israel and the Palestinians, you see, are concerned about their own interests, and don't care a whit about ours. To both sides, the US is just one big cash cow. And before you write in to tell me that Israel is a great ally of ours, do read what Vulture of Critique has to say HERE.

One of my first acts as President would be to write an Obama-esque executive order cutting off foreign aid to everybody, especially all the participants in the Mid-East slow-motion catastrophe. (And then Chuckie Schumer would call for my impeachment, and I'd send the Federal Marshals after him, yadda yadda yadda.)

What Athiest with a Gun writes about the whole affair is worth reprinting entirely:

What to do with Israel

Fred Reed has, in his imitable manner, pared a horribly complex issue down to a set of essential parts. I don't agree with his assessment of all the elements but I do think his conclusion sums up the problem:
All in all, it seems to me that Israel has gotten itself into a horrible situation, hated within, hated without, and hanging by a lobby. What can the Israelis do? Emigrate to New York? Undertake an absolutely horrific ethnic cleansing? Exercise the Antarctica Option? Spend all eternity ducking rockets and bombing neighbors? Live as herdsmen of unwanted Moslems that they have to avoid assimilating?
I don’t see a happy ending. Or any ending.
Read the entire thing at: Whither Israel?

I propose the Parabarbarian Final Solution.

Take some of the Federal land that nobody is using for anything useful and mark out an area equal to or larger than the size of Israel. Call it the "New Jewish Homeland" or some such then let any citizen of Israel immigrate and live there. Pretty simple.

Sure, there are a lot of details that would have to be worked out but, historically, every country that has sheltered the Jews has benefited from that practice. The Ashkenazim are, on average, more intelligent than other ethnic groups and they have a culture that values literacy, education and self-reliance. Instead of being a drain on the country they would represent a net benefit
Possible problems include:
  • American Muslims will resist the idea because they hate Jews.
  • A lot of American Christians will resist the idea because it will interfere with their longed for Armageddon.
  • Some (Most?) Jews may not want to Leave Israel.
In reality, the above problems may be insurmountable -- especially taken together -- but I still think it is an idea worth considering. It would probably be a lot better than Antarctica.

Atheist's solution reminds me of the situation in Michael Chabon's quirky alternate-history novel, The Yiddish Policemen's Union, which I recommend to you. Actually, I think that, too, would be a bad idea. How about this? Let's take all the foreign aid destined to go to Israel and its playmates in Gaza and other Palestinians for the next few years, and instead of that, go shopping for some territory for sale elsewhere, like Atheist says, that's at least the size of present-day Israel. Maybe a nice big chunk of Brazil that the Brazilians aren't using. Maybe Tasmania. That's way big enough. New Zealand's South Island? Even bigger! Well, there are a lot of possibilities. Find it, buy it, call it חדשה לישראל, and then follow Atheist's plan. Just a thought. Like I say, it's none of my business.
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  1. Man are the pro-Israeli keyboard warriors out lately or what? Over at Taki's the last few days I have a sneaking suspicion that Kathy S. or somebody has been flooding the comments with people who don't usually comment there, all pro Israeli. On the other hand the (supposedly) conservative Daily Mail is being up arrowed by pro Palestinians. Lewis33

  2. I consider myself neither pro-Israel nor pro-Palestinian in this fight but if forced to chose, I'd pick the Israelis in a New York minute.

    1. I might, too, but I'd cut Pollard's head off first, just to set some parameters :)

  3. Buying someplace somewhere seems a possible solution, but then toss in all those highly suspect religious claims such as, "We are god's chosen", "god gave us this land", and there you are... they aren't leaving that patch of sand except in coffins.

    The only real outcome of all this is that one side will eventually exterminate the other, and the survivors get all of whatever is left, which won;t be much more than glowing sand.

    We definitely need to stay out of this clash of religions and civilizations if we want to survive. Let them have at it as they have for thousands of years. Let them finish it.

    All we should do is pass the popcorn...

  4. Unfortunately, a lot of "Americans" (not all of them Jewish by any means) are hugely emotionally committed to Israel. They love Israel and the Israelis, but in the way one loves a football team, not the way one loves actual people. And the various missteps the other side has made in PR haven't helped their cause any, no matter how righteous (and I think it's quite righteous) it may be.

    It would be very interesting to see what would happen if the Israelis made some really horrendous blunder of their own, one that infuriated ordinary Americans. Maybe if proof came out that even our whore news media couldn't blow off or ignore that Israeli intel, or Israeli agents at the least, had known all about the 9-11 plot and deliberately let it go ahead to poison relations with the Arab/Muslim world? I'd love to see the "amen corner" scrambling to explain _that_ away.