Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Camp of the Santos

On my recent post about How Israel Can Think Itself Out Of Existence, commenter
JaredMithrandir wrote:

Israel and America are different Countries in their very premise. America was always meant to be a melting Pot of various different peoples, while Israel was created to give one globally oppressed minority a Homeland, a safe haven.

With all respect, he's wrong. Originally, our country was meant to be nothing of the kind. It was a part of the British Empire that decided to secede and go off on its own. While it welcomed immigrants, it was tacitly assumed that almost all such immigrants would be British, and therefore immigrants in the most limited sense, because they were considered cousins who were, so to speak, choosing to live in this version of Britain. The Preamble to the Constitution states that its purpose is "to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity," not to every rag, tag, and bobtail. The "melting pot" was originally used to refer to Brits and other Northwest Europeans who came here and "melted" into Americans. It wasn't until much later when Emma Lazarus made the whole concept ridiculous by calling for immigrants from everywhere.  An attempt to halt this trend was the 1924 Immigration Act, which lasted until Lyndon Johnson made the ridiculous concept official by giving special advantages to immigrants from anywhere except Northwestern Europe.

And now the ridiculous version is the official one, and we long ago gave up the concept of "assimilation" in favor of multiculturalism. To hell with European immigrants who actually will assimilate and become Americans in the real sense. What the establishment wants is "huddled masses" who will provide cheap labor and become dependent on the government for everything, and vote like mad for bigger, more intrusive government in every respect.

But I begin to rave. I refer you to the cooler head and sharp pen of Steve Sailer, who writes in Takimag:

A Righteous Invasion

The current surge of Central American children and mothers across the border has made a travesty of the schmaltzy arguments long employed to rationalize the government’s winking at illegal immigration.

George W. Bush famously assured us that we shouldn’t worry about illegal aliens because “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande River [sic].” Yet we are now witnessing the extreme cynicism of Central Americans dispatching their unaccompanied children and nursing mothers across the drug war zone of northern Mexico to exploit the talk of amnesty among American leaders.

Similarly, we’ve been told that illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans won’t do, but what job are these children going to do? Chimney sweep?

A Central American mother, baby in one arm, told a TV news crew in Murietta, CA—where for the first time in years American citizens have dared to take a stand against the exploitation of themselves—that women like her were flocking across the border because “We can’t have children in our country.” But how much work that Americans just won’t do are they going to do here while having more babies?

Having overpopulated their own countries, they come here to overpopulate ours. During periods of high immigration, such as during amnesties, the birthrate among foreign-born Hispanics shoots upward. For example, the big amnesty of the late 1980s drove up the total fertility rate for foreign-born Latinas in California from 3.2 babies per lifetime to 4.4, which then choked the public schools in the Golden State around the turn of the century. Obama’s announcement last week of plans for a massive de facto administrative amnesty would likely have a similar effect.

Eventually, the newcomers realize that raising children in America to middle-class standards of parental investment is enormously more expensive than they had foreseen—a new study suggests that to be comfortable a family of four needs an annual income of $130,000—and they can’t afford the ones they’ve already had. So fertility rates finally start to drop. But the efforts of Democrats to lure in future voters assure us that we won’t go long before a new crop of illegal aliens arrives to procreate with abandon.

A commenter of mine, who for the moment calls himself Sky Islander, notes some other opportunistic paradoxes in the conventional wisdom:

We need them because they make us richer, and we need them because we are too rich and must share with the poor immigrants.

They are so hardworking and will stoically work to contribute to American society. They are so helpless and weak that we must work harder to take care of them.

Likewise, we have to let them in because we will no doubt discriminate against them viciously. Therefore we must discriminate in favor of the newcomers by giving them ethnic preferences over ourselves.
(Read the rest HERE.)
Quibcag: The girls of Nichijou (日常) who live in a country with a sane immigration policy (Japan) are understandably outraged about the idiocy of the American policy. Two of them, anyway. The third is the more thoughtful type.
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  1. Here's what's going on (check facts with friends in BP or CBP):
    President Obama announced that minors and mothers with small children would be released on their own recognizance until they're deported (and yes, they are going to be deported and be ieligible for admission into the US for at least 5 years).

    This was misrepresented to people in Latin America as free entry into the US (and given that once in the US illegal aliens can hide real good, this is a small lie). Charge for the American Border

    Policy has been changed so that kids are detained, given medical treatment, and, as soon as their paperwork is sorted out, given the boot back home.

    The kids get screwed, US looks bad for keeping kids in overcrowded centers, opponents of and supporters of immigration reform get their knickers well knotted.

    1. You know very well that they won't be deported.

    2. the "Read the Rest Here" link is broken

  2. This country was never meant to be the multicultural, Bolshevik phenomena that has occurred here. The Israeli firster commenter is way off base.

    But I do have to admit that we are a multicultural society, forced upon us by the very same assholes who KEEP a monocultural existence in that StolenLand (trying to keep their "race" pure, as it were).

    The hypocrisy is stifling.