Friday, July 4, 2014

Birth Control Follies

I can't possibly put it any better than Mike Peinovich has in this quibcag. The Supreme Court decision is actually rather trivial, but the left's reaction to it is very revealing. Like the children they are at heart, leftists are very much into black and white, and there is no gray area in such issues. Either you do exactly what they want when they want it, or you hate them and want them to die. And that applies to them as individuals and also to their mascots, which include all liberal politicians, and all "minority" groups, from Blacks to Hispanics to homosexuals to LGBTetc., and any other new oppressed classifications that they might discover in the future.

Any opposition at all to Obama's shenanigans is evidence that you hate Obama, and, by extension all Blacks, and, why not go for broke, all nonWhites. If you don't want the borders opened to the entire world so they can come and go as they please, you are of course some kind of racist or superpatriot or Nazi. And once these immigrants are here, any resistance to immediately giving them free stuff and registering them to vote and qualifying them for automatic affirmative action is also clear proof of your Hitlerian evil.

Mike is right. Leftists don't think. The irony is that they think they think. They believe that memorizing slogans and repeating blather they hear from Oprah or The View is what "thinking" means. When confronted with actual thinking, they dismiss it as racism or prejudice or just being old-fashioned.

Recently on a forum a young liberal (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that he's just young and naive) called me the usual names. He was convinced that Cliven Bundy's statement that he wondered if Blacks might have been better off under slavery than under the corrosive management of the welfare state was simple proof that Bundy is a virulent racist, despite the fact that many Black thinkers, starting with Malcolm X, have wondered the same thing. This young (benefit of the doubt, remember) fellow went on to assert that "rich White businessmen" were leading the movement against illegal immigration, which is a pretty clear indication that he lives in a dream world. From Zukerberg to Soros to the whole damn Bush family, rich White businessmen are famously enthusiastic about open borders and amnesty for illegals and welcoming heaps more of them. The opposition to all this illegal immigration comes from the American working class, like the people of Murrieta, dismissed by the left as a bunch of mouth-breathing rednecks, especially, I suppose, that Black guy at the town meeting who insisted that the invaders be referred to as lllegal immigrants.

He also thinks that corporations are trying to take over America and that the Democrats are trying to stop them.

And he finished up one exchange by saying that I see things as they are, and he sees things as they might be. He thinks that seeing things as they are, i. e. reality, is a bad thing, and his illusory utopianism shows his moral superiority. What do you say to somebody like that?
Quibcag: Hinagiku of Hayate the Combat Butler (ハヤテのごとく!, Hayate no Gotoku!) is also disgusted with infantile leftist "thinking."

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  1. This is not a new idea. When you want to ride a horse, you put a small bucket of oats (free oats, haha), to make it easier to insert the bridle, so you can ride whenever you wish.