Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A. X. Perez on Murrieta

As is so often the case, A. X. Perez goes right to the heart of the matter, thinking instead of feeling (see previous post HERE), and talking about things the way they are, not the way the MAG (Media, Academia, Government) wants us to think they are.

There's a practice I've heard about in the Middle East, where you move your tanks into an area with hostages strapped to them, so that your victims won't shoot at your tanks. This is sort of what's happening here. The politicians are the enemy, bent on making lots of money and wrecking the United States, and they are using these illegal immigrants as hostages, hoping that American rage will be directed at the puppets rather than at the puppeteers.

A. X. is right about where Ground Zero is. That's where Obama is letting everybody in, Texas, and once they're in, he can caterwaul that his hands are tied, and we have to go through all kinds of legal rigamarole to get them out again. But his job is to keep them out in the first place, and he is manifestly not doing his job. And of course he has no intention of getting them out again. They are destined to be permanent welfare recipients and Democratic voters.

But Murrieta is where the opposition is forming, and we can't ignore that, either. The latest from Nicholas Stix, Uncensored:

An American Tiananmen Square? All American Patriots’Eyes Turn to Murrieta, as Dictator Obama Seeks to Crush Opposition; Ann Coulter Tweets Series of SOS Signals on Murrieta Patriots’ Behalf
Ann Coulter began furiously tweeting on behalf of the besieged citizens of Murrieta at around 5:18 p.m. today. I have copied and pasted all of her Murrieta tweets, and reversed their order, so that they are now in chronological order.

Brave citizens of Murrieta are doing more than Congressional GOPS - http://bit.ly/1mC7lDv

GOP congressmen walk away, call media: MURRIETA RESIDENTS PREPARING FOR RIOT SQUADS, READY TO 'BE DETAINED'- http://bit.ly/TZipOx 

Murrieta will be part of the new country: FEDS TO BRING IN RIOT SQUAD AGAINST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROTESTERS - http://bit.ly/1m6xfOu 

Patriots should join Americans in Murrieta: STAND YOUR GROUND: PROTESTERS DIVERT 3RD ROUND OF BUSES FROM MURRIETA - http://bit.ly/1mC7lDv 

Is Murrieta the only town with self respect?

From a city that's NOT getting illegals dumped on it, NYT calls Murrieta "the place that turned away the immigrants." Effe Vous, NYT

How about sending the buses of illegals to NYT headquarters, 620 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018? - http://nyti.ms/1r42wlK 

Then the NYT could start reporting on the effects of scabies and tuberculosis.

GO MURRIETA! "federal agents accompanying the bus will have riot gear and shields, in order to push back the crowd" - http://bit.ly/TZipOx

John Henry in strong position 2 B president of new country: Admin flooding small town America 2 force immig reform -"http://bit.ly/TZipOx
(Read the rest HERE.)

Quibcag: Illustration is Suzuki Sonoko of Detective Conan, AKA Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン)

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