Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Useful New Word — "Ethnomasochism"

There are a lot of variations on the sliding scale from xenophobia to xenophilia, many of which are reasonable, and arguable. But other positions are a little bit insane. One of the more insane positions is ethnomasochism, where one is not just a masochist on the personal level, but is masochistic on behalf of his entire ethnic group.

When this position manifests among libertarians, it's usually masked in the notion of multiculturalism, which states that all ethnic groups and cultures are equally worthy in theory. But in practice, of course, this leads to advocacy of immigration of all kinds of people without any standards at all, which is effectively the advocacy of replacing the basic American White stock with anything else at at. Since LBJ's destruction of any semblance of immigration standards in 1965, White Europeans and others of White European ancestry are discouraged from immigrating in favor of all other groups. And that, in practice, is self-destructive ethnomasochism. Andy Nowicki, at, explains just why ethnomasochism is an expecially idiotic condition.


Ethnic chauvinism is an irritating and at times repulsive trait, but ethnomasochism is a thoroughly contemptible affliction. If the former tendency runs the risk of dehumanizing those outside of one’s own group, and ignoring crucial commonalities due to the horseblinding effect that accompanies the inculcation of extreme prejudice, its antithetical opposite proclivity leads a person to feel unreasonably righteous by hating his own kind. That is, it causes one to feel morally upright by embracing treachery, a trait universally regarded as morally loathsome in nearly any other context.

Ethnomasochism is indeed perverse, in a way that ethnic chauvinism is not. The ethno-chauvinist is but an unseemly exaggeration of one who has a healthy pride in himself and the people who compose his genotypically extended family. The chauvinist takes this natural tendency too far, perhaps with unappetizing results, but the quality he takes too far isn’t a bad thing in itself; it only becomes reprehensible in its abuse. The chauvinist errs, that is, through indulging in an overabundance of loyalty, the sort of rabid sentiment expressed in the saying “My nation, right or wrong.” One’s loyalty to kin should end when it causes one to violate clear moral strictures, but up to that point, ethnic pride is actually a sign of moral health.

Ethnomasochism, on the other hand, is plainly unnatural, and an indication of moral impairment, since it takes positive pleasure in its infidelity.
(Read the whole thing HERE.)
Quibcag: Illustrating this wisdom is the adorable Marii of Joshiraku (じょしらく).

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