Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Thursday Afternoon Trip Around The Net

Another Trayvon bites the dust. Story HERE.

The Irish Savant writes:

The burden of proof

I long ago came to the conclusion that Orwell, far from over-egging our dystopian future, actually understated it. Take the concept of Doublethink, whereby cognitive dissonance 'enables' the victim to hold beliefs utterly at variance with what everyday evidence tells him. Orwell intuitively realised that, far from being pointless and counter-productive the exercise actually contributed to the mind control of the masses. Subsequent empirical psychological studies revealed that cognitive dissonance actually weakens the subject's will and self-belief.
(Read the rest HERE.)

More on the Murrieta blowback from Nicholas Stix HERE.

Vox Day reminds us that the "refugee" "immigrant" "children" are bringing vibrant, diverse diseases to enrich our culture HERE.

Over at Just Not Said, John Craig surprises me by revealing that Hillary's opinion of Obama is actually quite similar to my own (and probably yours) HERE.

And congratulations to Sean Gabb, whose latest book, The Break, has been nominated for the Prometheus Award. Read about it HERE.

Finally, UncaBob has an essay on why matriarchy is the death of civilization HERE.

And I might as well finish the day with a classic Baloo immigration cartoon:
See more Baloo Cartoons HERE.

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