Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two Insights on Cantor and Brat

First off, the more I hear about Dave Brat the better he sounds. The lefties on the net are saying that the "ultra-conservative" (stifled laughter) Cantor has been replaced by an even more evil right-winger, etc.  Anyhow, Brat really, really understands what the deal is with immigration — Why it's a very bad thing in its present form, and why the elites of both parties (Including Cantor) have been pushing like mad for amnesty and open borders. It turns out that he has studied Max Weber, one of the most politically incorrect people in history, who pointed out the craziness of mass immigration into Germany a century ago. For information on that, go to Steve Sailer HERE.

And an even more politically incorrect evaluation of Cantor and Brat, here:

Is Dave Brat a Marked Man?

Touching the Third Rail


  1. Great article, as usual.

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  2. You know, I think you're right. I'll replace her with something less distracting. Maybe I'll put her at the bottom for her fans :)