Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Unified Quibcag Theory

"Quibcag" is a term coined by the mysterious Karol Traven for this site, and is an acronym from the phrase Quote Illustrated By Cute Anime Girl. But what is the theory of quibcags? Simply put, the quibcag is a graphic version of a meaningful quote, illustrated so as to 1. catch the eye of readers, and 2. somehow relate to the subject of the quote, however peripherally. Often, you may have noticed, the relation is indeed peripheral, as I opt for the attractiveness over the relevance. And you may also have noticed that I sometimes find these illustrations on the net, and have no idea where the illustrations originate. Gaikokumaniakku kids me about this HERE. Finally, zhai2nan2, who is either Vulture of Critique or another one of Karol Traven's pseudonyms, has made an alternate quibcag to illustrate THIS POST, which I reproduce above with gratitude.

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