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The Curmudgeon's Curmudgeon, Fred Reed

Fred is being extra-curmudgeony this week, and he's writing on a very curmudgeony subject indeed, race and IQ. He starts:

Last Call at the Milk Bar

I’m being a pain in the ass again. My childhood makes me do it. When I was 11, we boy kids in Alabama liked to shoot a wasp’s nest with BB guns and run like hell. I guess it stuck.

In this column I will explain why the Caucasian race will shortly be extinct, and why it is a good idea. This conclusion flows ineluctably from evolutionary considerations and studies of racial IQ. It is simple biology.

Here’s the evolutionary-IQ perspective: As race realists have argued at length, IQ is a reliable measure of intelligence, and is primarily genetic. Twin studies, in which identical twins have been raised apart in differing environments, show that 80% of IQ is of genetic provenance. So far as I know, these studies seem to be correct.

The realists frequently publish curves of IQ distributions indicating that American blacks have a mean IQ of 85, Mexicans of 87, and white Americans of 98. (IQs tend to wander according to the argument one is making. For national averages I mostly use the figures in the table from IQ and the Wealth of Nations, regarded as canonical by race realists.) The authors who have discovered the superiority of whites, curiously enough, are white. As a rule, realists attribute almost every instance of high intelligence to genetics and, usually, to white blood.

The accuracy is doubtful. In particular, they omit distributions of groups superior to plain vanilla whites (PVWs). For example, the slant-eyed Asians—Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans. Their IQs, 105 to 108, are greatly superior to that of PVWs. Note that these Asians make up the first five countries by IQ in IQ and the Wealth. (China, mysteriously, is put at 100, but since Singapore, which is genetically similar, is given as 108, this would seem the best figure for developed Chinese societies.) There are well over a billion such Asians.

This is no statistical fluke. They are so overwhelmingly dominant in high-end universities (Caltech, 40%) that Ivy schools have quietly imposed quotas to protect PVWs—i.e., affirmative action for the non-competitive. Asians have larger brains, which perhaps explains their superior intelligence.

In short, these Asians are genetically superior. (And they know it. An acquaintance with access to the Asian community of California quoted them as describing whites as “lazy and stupid.”) By inevitable natural selection, they are beginning to replace PVWs in evolutionary niches requiring intelligence, as Cro-Magnons replaced Neanderthals.

Think I’m kidding? Here are some United States Math Olympiad winners. The proportion of Chinese names strongly suggests that the true Chinese IQ is well ahead of that of PVWs. Asians make up something like 6% of the U.S. population. Uncle Darwin is calling us to bedtime.

Non-Chinese Asians outperform whites as well. Thirteen of the last 17 winners of the Scripps National Spelling Bee have been Indians, who represent a tiny fraction of the U.S. population. Indians, says IQ and the Wealth, have a mean IQ of 81. Sure, and I’m Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst. A common response of race realists is that only very bright Indians come to the U.S. Yes, but all the very bright American kids are already here, no?
Now, what you have to do is read Fred's whole piece at Takimag HERE, or, alternately, at Unz Review HERE, and then come back and read my reaction. You gotta read it all first, okay? I'll wait. Okay? Now, my reaction:

The main value of this piece is to remind us not to be all that sure of ourselves, in IQ or anything else. It is indeed true that test scores have varied here and there over the years, and the Irish thing is particularly interesting. 

Fred is misleading on one subject: He implies that race realists don't know about the higher East Asian and Ashkenazi IQ's. I'm a race realist, and I've read plenty of other race realists, and, as far as I know, they are all very well aware of those IQ scores. I certainly am. In fact, I don't know of anybody among race realists who fails to mention the fact that while White IQ is higher than Black IQ, Asian and Askenazi Jewish IQ is still higher than White.

And, interestingly, there's a certain symmetry between India and Mexico. Both countries have what you might call a White elite running what is largely a non-White mass. In the case of India, you have the upper castes largely descended from Aryan invaders, who are closely related to Afghans, Persians, and Europeans, while the rest of India is descended from the dark Caucasian population mixed with an earlier Australoid population that may have been the original inhabitants. It's those upper castes who immigrate to the US and win spelling bees, so I'm not at all surprised that the mean IQ of India as a whole is 81.  As for Mexico, Mexicans are largely Amerindian by blood, descended from Toltecs, Aztecs, etc., who were civilized and who built cities and empires, and other tribes who were not so civilized. They also are descended from Black Slaves and European conquistadors to a lesser extent. But the people who mostly run Mexico are of hidalgo blood, descendants of Spaniards for the most part, and they aren't the ones slipping over the border because they're in charge of Mexico and why would they want to leave?

So my guess is that the average Mexican has a higher IQ than the average Mexican immigrant, legal or illegal, to the US.

And, of course, one thing left out of Fred's piece are the truly low-IQ groups, like Sub-Saharan Africans and the Australoids of Australia and nearby areas. There's never been any genuine controversy about their IQ's, tests or no tests.

Oh, one final point: Can we do away with the totally useless term "Asian" once and for all? As it applies to human beings, that is?  When race is discussed, let's use Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Australoid, which are the races to be found in Asia. If you're a White person, you are much more closely related to Mahatma Ghandi than Ghandi is to Mao, so using "Asian" as an ethic or racial term is just stupid and misleading.
Quibcag: No, that's not a boy from Alabama. It's a girl from Upotte!! (うぽって!!).

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