Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taki on Europe

Taki Theodoracopulos is a bit of an international treasure. He maintains the essential site, Takimag, which I send you to all the time, with writings from a wide range of thinkers from all sides of what is often called the "realistic right." Not neocons, not doctrinaire libertarians, but the kinds of people who treasure Western civilization and want to preserve it. Indeed, most of them prefer any kind of civilization, I think it's fair to say, over the wretched state mankind traditionally finds itself in, from just plain savagery to the even more depressing decadence-savagery the West seems to be determined to plunge us all into.

Taki is, it seems, independently wealthy, so he says what he thinks without worrying about anybody's approval, and he's been all over the place and at all levels of society, so he knows a lot of things that most of us can only learn at second hand, if at all. He has no illusions, and spends a lot of his time and resources demolishing illusions for the rest of us. In the following essay, he tells us about Israel, America, the Ukraine, and Russia, and especially points out the horror that is the European Union.

To Hell With the Truth

Last week in the Bagel, and then London here I come. As I write, hundreds of thousands of Jews are marching up 5th Avenue for “Salute to Israel Day.” They have been marching for close to six hours and although not as messy as the Puerto Ricans, they come close in noise and provocation. Looking out from my window I see only blue and white Israeli flags, no stars and stripes whatsoever, and the chants I hear are those of the aggrieved. They want Palestine back! Why waste time with the truth when there’s an angle to promote and a grievance to air? Palestinians should leave the West Bank because these late arrivals said so. Well, folks will say anything nowadays. Gerry Adams just said that the torture and execution by the IRA of Jean McConville, a widowed mother of 10, was an injustice. (Very big of him.) Leading the parade is the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, a man whose pop-eyed look derives—not from a prostate exam—but from fear of offending Zion. Next week it’s samba and caramba time, but I shall be in dear old London. 
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